DG ISPR Claims filthy indian army chief Downed Own Helicopter To Assassinate Rival General For CDF Post:

In a recent development, PAKISTAN ARMY Media Head Wing, Director General Inter-Services Public Relations Major General Asif Ghafoor claims that the coward indian army chief bipin rawat downed the owned helicopter in the Poonch Sector of indian Occupied KASHMIR To Assassinate Rival General For CDF Post.



It is important to mention that the four days back indian army helicopter carrying filthy indian northern commander lt general ranbir singh crash landed in Poonch area of indian occupied KASHMIR.

It is important to mention that the filthy indian pm announced the creation of a new post of chief of defense staff for the combines the head of filthy indian army, indian navy and indian air force. Reportedly, the filthy indian northern army commander lt general ranbir singh was the rival general with the indian army chief bipin rawat for the said post of CDS.

The filthy indian army chief wanted to get the chief of defense post at all cost and he doesn’t want the post to be handover to lt general ranbir singh. So, the filthy indian army chief ordered to down the helicopter carrying the rival general in indian occupied KASHMIR, so he could be only candidate for the post of chief of defense staff (CDF).

Crashed indian helicopter

DG ISPR said that the all the senior indian army general firmly closed their lips over the helicopter crash with senior army personnel on board. DG ISPR further said that the wreckage of the helicopter presents a different story, as there is no visibility of the injured ones. The chances are high again for well-thought fratricide rather than the ‘Proposed’ technical fault.

The Director General Inter-Services Public Relations Said in a tweet, “Indian COAS repeatedly provoking war through irresponsible statements endangering regional peace for electioneering of political masters. From fake surgical strike todate his only success has been to turn the filthy indian Army into a rogue force and getting them killed.”

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“indian Army Chief’s statements coupled with the blood of innocents on hand, losses to Indian forces at the hands of Pakistan Armed Forces, heli crashes due to so called tech fault cum fratricide just to become Indian CDS is actually at the cost of professional military ethos.” DG ISPR further said in a tweet.

indian helicopter crashes in bhutan

PAKISTAN ARMY’s Media Wing Head Major General Asif Ghafoor said that the recent provocative and pro-war statements of filthy indian army chief is provoking war and he has clearly turned his coward force into a rogue force.

indian pilots burnt alive as helicopter crashes in Bhutan

DG ISPR Further said that the recent irresponsible statements of coward indian army chief endangering regional peace for his political masters. The one and only success of the indian army chief is to turn his coward dogs into a rogue force and getting them killed for fratricide.

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