Maoist Rebels Ambushed indian army Convoy and Kill More than 170 Coward indian Soldiers:

It seems that the final stage of total indian disintegration has come as more than 170 coward indian soldiers killed like dogs in an ambush by Brave Maoist Rebels.

Maoists Naxals Freedom Fighters main Image
Maoists Naxals Freedom Fighters

According to the sources, about 300-400 heavily-armed Maoist Rebels ambush the convoy of indian army consisting of 50 vehicles. Maoist Rebels brutally killed more than 150 soldiers on the spot like dogs.

The Brave Freedom Fighters of Maoists Rebels placed a land mine on the road, which resulted in the blast of several indian army vehicles at the spot.

Maoists Rebels snatch all the sensitive weapon and ammo from coward indian soldiers before killing them brutally. Later, Maoists rebels sat all the indian army vehicles on fire before fleeing from the scene.

Reports of the reliable sources suggested that the Maoists Rebels slaughtered dozens of coward indian soldiers on the road and they were shaking like slaughtered chickens on the road.

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About 20 coward indian soldiers manage to run away from the scene by leaving all their weapons behind in order to save their humiliated lives.

The road turned into a fireball, which grabs all the vehicles of indian army. The dead bodies of coward indian soldiers left on the road for hours and nobody came to collect them. The dead bodies of coward indian soldiers were mutilated badly by the dogs and insects on the scene.

Multi-Pronged Attack:

The brave Freedom Fighter Maoists Rebels initially triggered a land mine before opening the fire and when the convoy stopped, then the rest of the Maoists Rebels rushed on the vehicles and dragged out the coward indian soldiers from the vehicles.

Later, Maoists Rebels start beheading the coward indian soldiers. About 10-20 coward indian soldiers manage to save their lives by fleeing from the scene.

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Maoists Main Image

Maoists Rebels snatch all the weapons, ammo and communication gadgets from the indian soldiers. The ground near the road filled with the bodies and pools of blood of coward indian soldiers.

Demands of Brave Maoists Rebels:

Maoists Rebels have been fighting against the illegal occupation of indian union since 1967. Maoists Rebels demand equal sharing of Maoists in Jobs and they demand the creation of an independent communist society free from the filth of indian semi-colonial and semi-feudal type of rule.

The Brave Maoists Rebels have managed to kill thousands of coward indian soldiers in nearly four decades. Maoists Rebels have now turned out to be highly trained guerrilla forces and they can easily kill the coward indian forces in any place, any time and at any time and with any method of their will.  

Maoists Rebels killed 76 state policemen back in April 2010. About eleven policemen met their painful destiny back in march in a landmine blast. The Maoists frequently hunt down all the coward indian forces like dogs.

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The coward indian government also launches the ‘Operation Green Hunt’ to fight against the brave Maoists Rebels, but this operation also failed miserably and Maoists Rebels killed all the indian army soldiers and policemen like dogs. After that, all the security officers surrendered before Maoists Rebels by laying down their weapon at the feet of Rebels.

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