indian Braces More Humiliation And Embarrassment as 22 Coward police officers Failed to Fire Bullets At Funeral:

In an another episode of indian utter embarrassment and humiliation, the guns carried out by 22 coward indian police officers failed to fire even a single shot at funeral. The funniest episode of indian humiliation incident occurs in india’s eastern Bihar.

Coward indian security forces ashamed and humiliated in front of thousands of people
Coward indian security forces ashamed and humiliated in front of thousands of people

The video of the incident went viral on the social media. In the video, it can be easily seen as an embarrassed coward indian police officer is approaching the 22 coward indian policemen to examine what happened with their guns.

Suddenly, he starts lifting the bullets from the ground to see them and slowly start walking away from the 22 coward policemen.

The embarrassed and coward indian police officer shows some rare and unseen moral courage and then simply resigned from the post to overcome the effects of utter humiliation and shame due to the incident.

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Netizens and Twitterati lambastes the incompetent and coward indian forces, as they are starting to fail everywhere.

They were totally failed on the battlefield, but now they are also failing in ceremonies like this. A senior coward indian police officer, speaking on condition of anonymity, described the whole humiliation drama as a serious lapse and international humiliation for india. 

It is important to mention that the all the coward indian security forces are humiliating their country by their acts each day. At LoC, they’ve been killed by the Power PAKISTAN ARMY like rabid dogs.

The indian air force is busy in the aircraft crashing as the coward indian air force pilots have crashed more than 20 aircrafts in the past month alone.

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All the security forces of india are coward and incompetent and they don’t need another person to humiliate their dirty country, as they are doing their job well and in an efficient manner.

It is an undeniable fact that india and all the coward indian forces will remain ashamed and humiliating till the doomsday and that’s for sure.

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