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Humiliated india Again Make Itself a Laughing Stock as French Engineers Have to Redesigned the Rafale Cockpit to Fit Bulky indian Pilots:

It seems that the india has gone to earn the title of most humiliated country not only the world, but the entire universe. All the indian armed forces are specialized to make themselves fool and stupid on almost each occasion. In a recent development, the Indians has again made itself a laughing stock as the india sent its pilot to France to train on Rafale fighter jets.

Filthy indian Group Capt Phoolababba
indian Group Capt Phoolababba

This news is pretty some straightforward, but the crunch time starts when the india sent its top gun pilot Group Capt Phoolababba to learn fly the Latest French Rafale Fighter Aircraft.

The total weight of indian Group Capt Pilot phoolababba is 140 Kilograms and when the indian pilot showed up to the French, then the French Engineers first amazed to find the ‘indian Top Gun Discovery’, but later ended up by laughing at indian fighter pilot fitness level.

filthy indian group capt phoolababaa all set for flying
‘Physically Fit’ indian Top Gun Group Capt Phoolbabba Ready to Fly Rafale

It is important to mention that the French Rafale is a state of the art 4.5 Generation Fighter Aircrafts and the cockpit is designed to pack the physically fit pilots only. When the French Engineers and Technicians find out that the total weight of a indian Top Gun is up to 140 Kilograms and he wanted to fly the Rafale Fighter Jets, they were surprised to see the fitness level of the indian air force.

The French Engineers and Technicians asked the indian Pilot to drop the idea of Rafale training, because he was not fit enough to pack in the cockpit of the aircraft, then the indian pilot began to cry like a child that he wanted to fly Rafale Jets at all cost.

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Seeing this, the Top Class French Engineers and Technicians began to think that how they can fulfill the wish of indian moron. Sooner, the French Technicians and Engineers decided to modify and redesign the actual size of the Rafale Fighter aircraft to fit the indian dog in it.

It can be clearly seen in a picture taken by the French Official that the indian Top Gun Pilot eager to fly the Rafale which almost shape like the Pyramid of Egypt. On the right side of the picture, the French Fighter Pilot is seen laughing at so called ‘indian Top Gun Pilot’.

The name of the indian ace pilot is Phoolababba and he is the group capt in the indian air force, so you can well judge that fitness level of indian air force crew.

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There are several questions comes in the mind of the reader that how many aircraft cockpit would be resized to fit the indian Group Capt Phoolababba? If it is only 1 Rafale Aircraft, then what would happen if the jet crashed during the TRAINING FLIGHTS in india? What would happen if the lone indian top gun died in the expected crash during normal training missions?

The Group Capt Phoolababba is the finest Top Gun ever produced by the india. All the indian army force is relying on indian Group Capt Phoolababba that after the completion of the training the indian pilot Phoolababba would be able to drop the payload near the PAKISTAN border, like they have did in the Surprise Day of 27th February, 2019.

The indian Top Gun Group Capt name is Phoolababba, so you can judge that how dangerous it could be when it comes to drop the ‘Payloads’ in the field three times a day. The fat butt of the indian Group Capt is a clear witness that he is specialized in dropping payload in different areas after taking the meal.

All the coward and incompetent indian air force proved themselves as the utter piece of cowards, and stupid when it comes face the Valiant and Brave Armed Force of GREAT PAKISTAN. All the coward indian armed forces run like a cockroach by saving their own lives the minute they see the Brave and Valiant PAKISTAN ARMED FORCES PERSONNEL.

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In that case, the stick of Rafale fighter Jet is swinging by the indian Group Capt Phoolbabba and let the india wait for another day for utter humiliation, shame and embarrassment by the brave PAKISTAN ARMED FORCES and the brave PAKISTANI Nation.

It is a saying that it doesn’t matter the size of the stick, it only matters who’s swinging the stick.

In PAKISTAN the stick was swinging by the BRAVE PAF Pilot like Hassan, who destroyed 2 indian aircrafts in a dog, while the stick in india is swinging by 140 Kilogram indian Group Capt Phoolababba and the world already knew the expected result of the outcome.

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