india Is Going To Launch Massive False Flag Attacks To Divert The Attention Of The World From Kashmir:

Shocking reports are coming from the india that indian government and indian forces are planning a massive false flag attacks to divert the attention of the world from Kashmir.

According to the reliable sources, the indian government and indian forces are already working on this sinister plan to directly blame PAKISTAN for the attack and to ease pressure on india after the wake of Article 370 abrogation.

Reportedly, the indian government and indian forces are working to start the new false flags in different parts of the india based on the model of Mumbai Attacks and Pulawama Attack. The attack may come in coming days.

The indian government and indian forces are nearly stuck to the wall for all the atrocities they are committed in Kashmir against innocent and unarmed civilians. 

PAKISTAN is doing the diplomatic efforts very effectively and every country of the world is criticizing indian actions in the indian occupied Kashmir. Earlier, PAKISTAN’s all-weather friend China has also assured the fullest co-operation of PAKISTAN on Kashmir and it also criticizes the indian actions in indian occupied Kashmir.

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The indian government and indian forces have reportedly selected the location to trigger the false flag attacks in the country.

The indian government and indian forces wanted to achieve three primary objective from the attack as to Pressurize PAKISTAN to refrain from the diplomatic efforts for the cause of Kashmir and to Divert the attention of the World from the atrocities and illegal acts from Kashmir issue, which is still a disputed territory and nuclear flash points between india and PAKISTAN. Third, they want to earn the sympathy of the world, which is against india due to its acts in Kashmir.

The planning of these false flag attack is done by the indian national security advisor ajit doval, who is known as the master planner of terrorist activities inside PAKISTAN and other South Asian countries. The false flag attacks may take place during the indian Independence Day.

Reports of the reliable sources suggested that indian government has already planned to initiate a robust diplomatic effort after the false flag attacks to blame PAKISTAN for the attacks. The same old and failed strategy every indian government adopts to cover up their crimes against Kashmiris and humanity.

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Recently, the world is keenly observing the situation in the Kashmir after the illegal abrogation of Article 370 by the indian government. PAKISTAN has started the deployment of Tanks, Artillery and Armored Corps on the Line of Control.

Earlier, PAKISTAN has moved the heavy military equipment in the North Eastern Forward Base. PAKISTAN has also started the deployment of its battle-proven JF-17 Thunder Fighter Jets after the wake of Article 370.

The indian government and indian forces have failed miserably to suppress the voice of Brave and Valiant Kashmiris and now they are going for other heinous and petty tactics to cover up the crimes they are committing in the indian occupied Kashmir.

Earlier, the Nagalanad which was a previous state of india, has declared its independence from the fragile indian union and the leaders of Naga decides to celebrate their independence with the PAKISTAN on Aug 14th.

Previously, more than 20 indian soldiers killed like dogs by the attack of a Brave Kashmiri Mujahideen couple of days before in Kashmir.

It seems that the Total disintegration of all the india has started and current year of 2019 may witness the creation of 30 new countries in the South Asia by splitting the fake and forced indian union.

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The recent planning of the false flag attacks seems another sinister planning of the indian, but the indian government and indian forces will not get anything with these self-triggered false flag attack in the country, because PAKISTAN has already started the preparation for war and if india made any wrong move, then it would be the end of the fragile indian territory.

Because, PAKISTAN FORCES have shown in Surprise Day 27th February that they are more professional and capable armed forces than the indian forces and they can easily kill the indian forces with their faith, skills, planning, determination and motivation.

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