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PAKISTAN Celebrates 73rd Independence Day As Kashmir Solidarity Day:

PAKISTANI across the globe and in PAKISTAN celebrated the 73rd Independence Day of PAKISTAN as Kashmir Solidarity Day to express the full support the Kashmiri Brethren against the illegal occupation and oppression of indian forces.

KASHMIR Solidarity Day

PAKISTAN has taken the decision to celebrate the Independence Day as Kashmir Solidarity Day in Second Meeting of the National Security Council (NSC), which was held in Islamabad on Aug 7.

The main agenda of the meeting was to take steps in retaliation to the indian illegal move of annexation Kashmir after the revocation of Article 370, which ends the Special Status of indian occupied jammu and Kashmir.

PAKISTAN has taken several measures to scold indian move and it was one of the said measures taken by PAKISTAN. Earlier, PAKISTAN has downgraded diplomatic ties and suspend trade, rail and Dosti Service with india over its illegal act of Kashmir annexation.

The Prime Minister of PAKISTAN visited the Legislative Assembly of Azad Jammu & Kashmir (Free Jammu & Kashmir) and addresses the Kashmiri Brethren and lawmakers. The premier said on the occasion that modi has made the major strategic blunder of the century and he will have to pay a very price for it.

CHIEF OF ARMY STAFF (COAS) General Qamar Ahmed Bajwa also said on the occasion that “Reality of Kashmir was neither changed by an illegal piece of paper in 1947 nor will any other do it now or in future. PAKISTAN has always stood by Kashmiris against India’s hegemonic ambitions, will always do. There can never be compromise on Kashmir.’

CHIEF OF ARMT STAFF (COAS) General Qamar Ahmed Bajwa further said on the occasion, “We shall stand in the face of tyranny, regardless of the cost. PAKISTAN ARMY is fully alive to the sanctity of Jammu & Kashmir and will remain fully ready to perform its part in line with our national duty for Kashmir cause”, COAS on Independence & Kashmir Solidarity Day.”

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It is important to mention that PAKISTAN MILITARY has taken several steps after the Corps Commanders Conference, which consist the Top Military Brass of the Country. PAKISTAN has reportedly moved the heavy military gear in forward operating bases near Line of Control and PAKISTAN has also moved the Tanks, Artillery and Armor near the Line of Control.

Furthermore, PAKISTAN has also started the deployment of its battle-proven JF-17 Thunder Fighter Aircrafts near the Line of Control.

Earlier, a total of 20 indian troops met with their painful and humiliating death when Brave Kashmiri Mujahideen attack the indian army Headquarter and killed the indian soldiers like a rabid dog. One of the killed indian troop included a major.

To express solidarity with the Brave and Valiant Kashmiri Brethren, a number of rallies organized the different parts of the country, including Dera Bugti, Hub, South Waziristan, North Waziristan and other major cities of the country. The rally participants condemn the barbaric action of indian government and indian forces by abolishing the Special Status of Kashmir after revocation of Article 370.

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The participants carried a number of banners with slogans condemning the indian brutalities in the indian occupied Kashmir.

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