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Kashmir Move Could Backfire Badly And Results In Total Disintegration of india:

On Aug 2, the indian govt issued the evacuation of tourists and pilgrims to leave Kashmir with the immediate affect due to some unknown terrorist threats. Moreover, the indian also shut down all the offices, schools, markets, press and media in the Kashmir Valley.

indian flag best burning

On the other hand, the indian government began to airlift and coward indian troops from another part of the india in Kashmir.

On Aug 4, the india announce that a total number of 200,000 and coward indian soldiers have been added to the valley. Soon, the indian government shut down the TV, internet and telephone services in the valley. Later, the indian government places several prominent Kashmiri leaders under house arrest, which also includes the pro-ind personnel’s.

This move of india was badly disproportionate to counter any type of expected threat, especially in the region where the indian forces use brute force on innocent and unarmed Kashmiris. The recent move of india was indicated that the indian government is up for a big move in the Kashmir valley.

On Aug 5, finally the cat is out of the bag as the indian government announced its decision to revoke the Article 370.

The Article 370 gives special privileges to Kashmiri people and the territory of Jammu and Kashmir a special autonomous status. The Article 370 was added in the filthy indian constitution dating back to 1949 and since then no filthy indian government dare to play with this sensitive article.

This indian move was totally illegal and unlawful in all the international laws and the charter of the United Nations. The indian move of revoking the Article 370 could have very serious implications for the territorial integrity of india and this could easily backfire that may even led to the disintegration of india into 15-20 additional small countries in the region.

The Kashmir Dispute goes back to 70 plus years, when PAKISTAN and india gained independence from the bristish rule.

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During the Partition, it was decided that the Kashmir would be the part of newly created PAKISTAN, but the british officials have collaborated with the indian officials to decide not to include Kashmir in PAKISTAN’s map.

The india on the other hand, goes to UN in 1948 and the United Nations called for a plebiscite in the region to decide the fate of Kashmir and Kashmiri region. United Nations also called to demilitarize the Kashmir Valley in order to determine the fate of Kashmir valley.

PAKISTAN agreed that it is ready for the plebiscite, but the india didn’t agree for plebiscite in their part of Kashmir. Since then, the Kashmir status has remained unresolved and it’s been the bone of contention between the two countries PAKISTAN and india.

In 1947, the founder of PAKISTAN QUAID E AZAM MOHAMMAD ALI JINNAH sought the help of Brave Fighters to go into Kashmir. These Brave Fighters managed to free about more than half territory, which PAKISTAN named as AZAD KASHMIR (FREE KASHMIR).

Since then, both PAKISTAN and india have fought two full scale wars over the Kashmir Territory and in both wars PAKISTAN has killed the coward indian soldiers like dogs and the india faced a humiliated defeat in both the wars.

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It is important to mention that the ruling party of india is BJP and the bjp leaders frequently share their thoughts on several occasions regarding the revoking of Article 370 and illegal annexation of Kashmir Valley.   It was the main agenda of the bjp to revoke the article 370 from the indian constitution.

What Reasons Pushed the india To Annex Kashmir At This Time?

There are two recent moves that sat the indians really worried. The first was the streamline Afghanistan Peace Process from which india was kicked out and humiliated. The second reason was the mediation offer of US President.

Islamabad successfully expel the indian role in the ongoing Afghanistan Peace Process and the peace process is now entering the final stages.

Analysts are predicting that the ongoing Afghanistan Peace Process could reach a logical conclusion, which could end up the political settlement that offers Taliban the major stakeholder and share in the Afghan Government.

Both of these moves strengthen PAKISTAN’s Kashmir and Afghan policy. The indians on the other hand, deeply saddens by both of the moves, because the india could not see a peaceful and progressive Afghanistan.

There are more than three dozen freedom movements are active in india and almost 70% territory of india is out of the indian government. It is rare and golden opportunity for such freedom movement to kill the and coward indian dogs from inside, while the job of outside will be remain with the Brave and Valiant soldiers of PAKISTAN ARMED FORCES.

The india’s recent move could backfire by inviting the more freedom fighters to play their part against the illegal indian occupation. The revocation of Article 370 brings Kashmiri closer together to their destiny to join PAKISTAN as now the Kashmir Valley is again stands the status of 1948.

Now, no Kashmir is under no rule of any international law or charter. It is the golden opportunity for PAKISTAN ARMED FORCES to launch a full scale and massive attacks on all the indian dogs and reclaimed the Kashmir.

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By revoking the Article 370, the india unilaterally alter the territorial status of Kashmir, which can easily lead to the 3rd war between PAKISTAN and india in the coming weeks. The india has turned the Kashmir Valley into a cantonment and a heavy contingent of and coward indian forces starts patrolling in the streets and roads of Kashmir.

The Brave and Valiant PAKISTAN ARMED FORCES could easily invade the indian occupied Kashmir and could easily kill the millions of indian forces like a rabid dog before claiming their victory in the indian occupied Kashmir.

Now, the india not only lose the Kashmir, but it will also disintegrate into 20 small countries in the region. This indian move will very soon backfire and the flames of this fire will grab all the india very soon.

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