Anti-india And Pro-PAKISTAN Mass Protests Erupted in indian Occupied Kashmir:

Recent Situation in Kashmir:

The recent Situation at Kashmir is quickly slipping out of the hands of the  coward indian forces as the Brave and Valiant Kashmiris of indian Occupied Kashmir (iOK) starts mass protests against the illegal occupation of indian forces in Srinagar and other parts in occupied valley.


The protesters raised huge anti-india slogans in the protest. The protesters were accompanied by the Sacred PAKISTAN GREEN CRESCENT Flag during the protests.

It is important to mention that the Brave and Valiant Kashmiris starts Pro-PAKISTAN and anti-india mass protests from Friday 9th August and the indian coward forces fails to stop the mass flooding of protesters despite using the brute force.

The coward and indian forces indiscriminately opened fire on unarmed Kashmiri protesters, which resulted in the martyrdom of several Kashmiri.

Filthy indian security forces Beating the Women and Children in Kashmir
indian security forces Beating the Women and Children in Kashmir

Dozens of dead bodies and hundreds of injured Kashmiris are admitted to the local hospital for treatment.

The Brave and Valiant Kashmiri manage to hold the anti-india protests despite of the strict curfew imposed by the indian government and indian forces in the valley.

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A Filthy indian Security Force Personnel Getting the Treatment from Brave Kashmiris
A indian Security Force Personnel Getting the Treatment from Brave Kashmiris

The coward and indian forces opens brutal fire on protestors, which result in the death and injuries of thousands of innocent Kashmiris.

The protesters raised the slogans as ‘We Want Freedom, Go Back india and indian constitution is unacceptable’. The protesters included men, women and children of all ages and they raised slogans against the illegal occupation.

Scared and coward filthy india security forces in Kashmir
Scared and coward india security forces in Kashmir

According to the reliable sources, hundreds of coward indian soldiers ran away from the situation to save their dirty and asses.

The local security official has revealed the media that about 200+ protests recorded in the valley in just the last 5 days and the trend is now going upward with the passage of each day.

A minimum 52 people were brought in the Srinagar Hospitals, which were hit by the pellet bullets. Dozens of injured Kashmiris are in critical condition.

filthy indian security forces humiliate in Kashmir
indian security forces humiliated in Kashmir

The indian government and indian forces have lockdown the Kashmir by cutting-off all the channels of communications, internet, mobile service and media. The indian Occupied Kashmir now looks like the Military fort. The armed cow pisses drinker soldiers are patrolling in the streets of the Kashmir, which opens fire on unarmed Kashmiris without discrimination.

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Recent Situation At Kargil:

Recent Situation in Kargil is also slipping from the hands of cow pisses drinker indians as the local people in Kargil also holds mass protests and raised slogans against the indian government and indian forces against their unjust and illegal occupation.

There are reports that the and coward indian security forces have launched a crackdown on the innocent civilian protesters in Kargil and the indian forces also shoot hundreds of peaceful protesters in Kargil.

Kargil Protester Hitting filthy indian forces
Kargil Protester Hitting indian forces

Kargil is paralyzed for the last four days and the indian security forces force the people not to open the markets and shops.

Reports of the reliable sources are suggesting that the  coward indian security forces have opened fire on protesters, which results in the death and injury of thousands of protesters in the valley.

Protests in kargil against india

The recent indications are suggesting that the situation in Jammu and Kashmir is now slipping quickly from the control of the indian security forces and chances are there that the indian security forces will run away by saving their dirty asses and life from the wrath of the Brave, Valiant and Pro-PAKISTAN Kashmiris.

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It is important to mention that the Kashmiri People want to Join PAKISTAN and are totally against the illegal occupation and suppression of coward indian security forces and indian government. PAKISTAN in return offered all out Support to its KASHMIRI Brothers and PAKISTAN’s POWERFUL MILITARY vows to go to any extent to save the Kashmiri from the barbaric acts of coward and indian security forces.

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