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PAKISTAN is Preparing A Full-Scale War against india:

Kashmir is said to be the Paradise on Earth. This paradise is been the main bone of contention between the PAKISTAN and india for decades since their independence.

COAS General Bajwa LOC Visit

More than half of the Kashmir is now under PAKISTAN territory, while the other half is illegally occupied by the coward  indians. PAKISTAN has named its Kashmir Area as the AZAD KASHMIR or Free Kashmir, while the india illegally occupied the Kashmir with the help of millions of coward and indian forces. The coward indian forces continues using the brute and inhumane force since 1980’s.

Since 1980’s till date, the coward indian security forces have martyred 150,000 Kashmiris by using the Brute force and these number hasn’t stopped yet.

PAKISTAN regards the Kashmir as its Jugular Vein and all the Kashmiri brothers are treated as an ordinary PAKISTANI Citizens across PAKISTAN. While, the india has imposed restriction on their side of Kashmiri Citizens to travel in other parts of the india.

It is important to mention that indian Occupied Kashmir is a large Muslim Populated Territory and nearly 95% of the population consists of Muslim, which want to Join PAKISTAN and gain independence from the illegal occupation of indian forces.

These Brave and Valiant Kashmiris considered themselves as PAKISTANI and they hold wrap the PAKISTANI FLAG with their hearts and waive the PAKISTANI FLAGS in streets, markets and roads right in front of coward indian armed forces. 

Since 1948, KASHMIRI’s are urging the world and indian government and indian armed forces for decades long Kashmiri’s right for Plebiscite as per the charter of the United Nations.

On the other hand, the indian forces and indian government oppressed the unarmed civilized Kashmiri citizens with Brute force and with draconian laws like POTA 2002. Since, 1980’s the india has used nearly all methods to silence the voice of Brave and Valiant Kashmiri’s, but it failed miserably and earned a lot of humiliation in and outside of india.

Kashmir is the ideological heart of PAKISTAN and the dispute symbolizes mistrust and rivalry between PAKISTAN and india for decades. PAKISTAN had also fought three wars with india over Kashmir.

The latest skirmish happened back on Feb 27, when the Brave Falcons of PAKISTAN AIR FORCE successfully shoot down two indian aircrafts in broad daylight. The india earned the utter humiliation from the world, as one of the aircraft PAF shoot down was SU30MKI, which is considered as the backbone of indian air force. All the indians start shitting in their dhotis and pants with the fear of Brave PAKISTAN ARMED FORCES.

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The unresolved dispute has helped PAKISTAN to gains its military presence to counter the illegal attacks of coward and indian forces at the Line of Control (LoC).

Another factor is that a majority of PAKISTANI Water Channels flows through the Himalayan Territory and the india has made several illegal projects on the location to deprive PAKISTAN from its due right Water.

On Aug 5, 2019, the indian government decides to revoke the Article 370 of the indian constitution, which gives autonomy to indian Occupied Kashmir (iOK) and this article also gives special rights to the Kashmiri people.

The indian Government decides to revoke the Article 370 before turning and locking down the valley from all types of communication means. The india also airlifted 200,000 more coward indian army in the region to counter any expected reaction from the Brave Kashmiri People.

The indian government move provoked a widespread outcry in the world. The india has made its move taken into consideration of any repercussions. It is the sinister plan of indian government and indian forces to continue a mass genocide of Brave Kashmiri People and forces them to leave the Kashmir.

Moreover, the indian government will ask the hindu non-resident of Kashmir to settle in Kashmir and populate Kashmir with coward hindus. This is the plan proposed by the terrorist leaders of the indian bjp party.

This proposed sinister plan of indians is totally unacceptable for PAKISTAN, as PAKISTAN has relation of Blood with the Brave and Valiant Kashmiri Brothers and PAKISTAN ARMED FORCES will go to any extent to save their KASHMIRI BROTHERS from the illegal occupation of and coward indian forces.

Now, the india has left no other option for PAKISTAN to enter the Kashmir Valley and start killing the indian soldiers like the rabid dogs in hundreds of thousands of numbers.

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What Are PAKISTAN’s Military Options?

PAKISTAN has got very powerful sticks in its arsenal to kill the indian like a rabid dog. PAKISTAN has got the World’s 7th Largest Army and an active and professional Naval and Air Force. PAKISTAN is the very 1st ISLAMIC and the 7th Nuclear Power of the World.

PAKISTAN has indigenously developed a number of lethal Ballistic, Cruise and MIRV capable missiles. PAKISTAN has indigenously developed the 4.5 Generation JF-17 Thunder Block I, JF-17 Thunder Block-II and JF-17 Thunder Block-III. The JF 17 Thunder Block-III can easily compete the US newest F-16 Block 70/72.

Moreover, PAKISTAN has also developed the small Range Tactical Nuclear Weapons (TNWs) to counter the indian cold start doctrine. 

PAKISTAN AIR FORCE has recently shot down 2 indian aircrafts in a dogfight on the eve of 27th Feb Surprise day. The professionalism of PAKKISTAN’s Military Power is second to none. As far as the Military Power of PAKISTAN is concerned; PAKISTAN has some real teeth and it can easily crush the head of coward indian forces.

PAKISTAN Military Commander has Summoned the Corps Commanders Conference (CCC), which includes the Top Military Brass of the country.

All the Brave Military Commanders of PAKISTAN ‘Vows to Go to Any Extent to Support Kashmiris’, On the other hand, the President of PAKISTAN Controlled AZAD KASHMIR has warned full scale war with india.

PAKISTAN has killed many coward indian soldiers at the Line of Control with the help of Artillery firing and if all out war broke out, then PAKISTAN can go to any extent to kill the and coward indians.

It is the mentality of coward indian government and coward indian forces that they used to bark a lot in the start and when PAKISTAN start hitting their dirty asses with a hard stick, then they scream and ran away to save their life.

The case wouldn’t be much different this time, as PAKISTAN ARMY is the World’s Most Battle Hardened Army and they know how to fight the enemy at harsh climatic and environmental conditions.

PAKISTAN ARMY had totally crushed the heads of indian sponsored terrorist organizations in the country as the TTP, BLA, BRA and so on.

The coward indian commanders have openly admitted that the india is state sponsoring terrorism inside the country and india is providing money, weapons and logistic support to the PAKISTAN-based terror outfits.

One the other side, the indian armed forces is only experience to run for their lives when they confronted the Brave Soldier of PAKISTAN ARMY.

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The professionalism of all the indian forces is nowhere near the novice level and they in fact got slapped from women in india in order to fulfill their sexual lust. All the indian forces are the real scumbag of this earth and they will retain this title until their painful end.

Now PAKISTAN ARMY has to take the decisive steps against the coward and indian forces and will have to hunt them down in a way that the brave people of indian Occupied Jammu & KASHMIR (iOJ&K) managed to take breathe in the free from the filth of indians in the valley. PAKISTAN ARMED FORCES have to give a painful death to coward and indians

PAKISTAN ARMED FORCES have to make a quick and surprise move to break all the teeth of the indian forces in the valley and across india.

PAKISTAN ARMY has to kill all the indian soldiers like rabid dogs in hundred of numbers each day to retain their victory in this holy battle. Humiliation is the destiny of india and the india will get humiliated till it’s very painful end.

INSHALLAH, the day is not very far when the world will witness the real liberation of KASHMIR totally free from the filth of coward drinker indian forces and coward zionist indian government.

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