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PAKISTAN Moves Heavy Military Equipment in Military Base Near indian Border:

In a bid to scold india and indian forces over Kashmir’s illegal annexation, the preparation for full scale war with the india is in the final stages. All the three services of PAKISTAN’s ARMED FORCES as PAKISTAN ARMY, PAKISTAN NAVY and PAKISTAN AIR FORCE are moving large scale military hardware to strategic locations bordering india.


PAKISTAN ARMED FORCES have started to move the large-scale military equipment and hardware to the country’s North West Skardu Air Base. The Skardu Air Base borders near the territory of Ladakh.

It is important to mention that the Ladakh is a disputed territory between China and india and the india also illegally annexed this territory unilaterally along with the Jammu and Kashmir on Aug 5th, 2019.

Now, PAKISTAN has started mass movement of military hardware and military personnel near india border. It implies that the PAKISTAN Military vows to humiliate and kill all the indian rabid dogs in the illegal annexed territory of indian Occupied Kashmir. PAKISTAN’s Iron Brother CHINA has also shared its displeasure with india on this illegal move.

Senior Military Strategist around the world are of the view that the final days of indian forces and indian territory as a whole is very near. PAKISTAN MILITARY FORCES have shown a trailer to the world on Feb 27th 2019 that what they are capable to do with the arch-rival india.

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The unlawful and illegal move made by the india on Aug 5 could easily be seen as the india’s last move of this century. PAKISTAN ARMY has turned out to be the most battle-hardened Army of the World and has an experience fought on World’s most unfavorable climatic and environmental conditions.

On the other hand, all the coward indian security forces are nowhere near the professionalism and they PAKISTAN has killed hundreds of thousands of indian soldiers along the Line of Control in the past 2-3 years.

PAKISTAN ARMY knows how to deal with the coward zionist hindus. The reports from reliable sources suggested that military hardware PAKISTAN moved to the Skardu Air Base could carry equipment for lethal aircraft operations.

The sources are suggesting that most probable move ISLAMABAD is going to undertake is likely the deployment of PAKISTAN’s indigenously developed and battle-ready JF-17 Thunder Aircrafts to the Skardu Airfields.

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JF-17 Thunder fighter jets is the backbone of PAKISTAN AIR FORCE Fleet and these Jets are destroyed the two indian aircrafts in a dog fight dated back to 27th Feb 2019. One of the aircraft JF-17 shoot down is the SU30MKI, which is known as the backbone of indian air force.

Senior level Analysts and Military Strategist are of the view that the latest move of ISLAMABAD indicates that the PAKISTAN intends to carry out dual-axis attack on india, consisting of PAKISTAN ARMY and PAKISTAN AIR FORCE.

Top Defense Analysts are predicting that that PAKISTAN MILITARY vows to unleash fire and smoke to the indians forces and the indian forces would not be able to run back to save their lives.

Analysts are predicting that the geography of South Asia is now going to change very soon and the total disintegration of india is very near. Furthermore, the complete end of Hindutva is very near and it’s not a dream anymore. india has started this war and PAKISTAN will end this on its own terms and conditions, INSHALLAH.

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