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PAKISTAN Deploying Its Lethal Fighter Jets To Skardu Base Near Ladakh:

It seems that the indians will have to ready for another utter humiliation and defeat as PAKISTANI Forces have started the deployment of its lethal Fighter Jets to its forward bases near Ladakh, a territory illegally claimed and annexed by the india.

JF 17 Thunder Main feature Image in Skardu
JF 17 Thunder

Ladakh is a disputed region between CHINA and india and it also connects with the AZAD KASHMIR or Free Kashmir. Reliable sources are saying that PAKISTAN is going to move its JF-17 Thunder Fighter Jets very soon after the illegal revocation of Article 370 by the india on Aug 5th 2019.

PAKISTAN has used its military transport planes C-130 to transport the Aircraft and military Equipment to its forward Skardu Military Base. Analysts are suggesting that PAKISTAN have recently moved the lethal equipment in its forward base that may use to support to carry out fighter aircraft operations.

The recent move by the PAKISTAN MILITARY implies that PAKISTAN is very near to go to a full fledge war with india over indian Occupied Jammu & Kashmir (iOJ&K).

JF-17 Thunder Aircraft is the same aircraft that has taken the shit out from the indians on the eve of 27th February and it also recorded a kill of india’s SU30MKI, which is known as the main backbone of all indian air force.

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Earlier reports suggested that PAKISTAN Moves heavy Military hardware to the forward base in Skardu and analyst were predicting that ISLAMABAD next move could be the deployment of its lethal Fighter Jets to the Forward Operating Base in Skardu.

Now, in less than one day PAKISTAN has started to deploy its lethal fleet of JF-17 Thunder Aircrafts neat the indian border, which implies that the coward indian forces are now on the edge of the harsh treatment from the Brave Falcons of PAKISTAN AIR FORCE.

On the other hand, PAKISTAN ARMY is busy to move the military hardware near the indian border. Reliable sources confirm that PAKISTAN is now going to unleash the fury of weapon and fire on indian forces from all sides, resulting in the humiliated and painful death of the coward and indian forces.

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Now, the india has to bear the loss of its million of soldiers at the hands of Brave and Valiant PAKISTAN AIR FORCE. Senior level analysts are predicting that it seems that PAKISTAN has now decided to liberate the Brave and Valiant Kashmiri Brother from the illegal occupation, oppression and brutalities of indian forces.

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