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Mullah Powindah: The Man Behind SSG POWINDAH Battalion:

Complete Story of Mullah Powindah:

In 1894, the British Soldiers were attacked in the indian subcontinent by a group of people known as ‘Young Mehsud Group’. This group was led by a brave man named as Mullah Powindah. The Young Mehsud Group brutally killed more than 45 British Soldiers during the attack. The real name of Mullah Mehsud was Mohiudeen Maseed and he hailed from Waziristan.

Mullah Powindah
Mullah Powindah Religious Leader and Freedom Fighter

The British Troops were attacked because they overlooked the rejoinder sent by the Mullah Powindah. In the rejoinder, Mullah Powindah asked the head of British Troops, Mr. Bruce, that not establish a camp in Wana in South Waziristan. But, the British Troops refused the offer and sustain the loss of 45 casualties in the attack.

The rise of the Mullah Powindah has its roots in both countries Britain and Russia. This is so, because both the countries wanted to annex as much territory as possible. When the British Forces annexed the Punjab in 1849, then the rivalry between Mullah Powindah and become intensified. After this annexation, Frontier becomes the neighbor of Britain.

After the Durand Line Agreement in 1894, Britain turned to forward policy of FATA. Under the cover of this policy, British influence and intervention increase in FATA. Initially, the British Forces justified on the establishment of just two military bases in Wana with the fear that Russian might get involved in the agreement covertly, which clear its passage into the Subcontinent that was considered as the Jewel in the Crown by Britain.

This was totally unacceptable for the Brave People of FATA, including Mullah Powindah, who decided to poise himself the task of eliminating the chain of slavery of the British Empire.

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Wana was considered as the strategically important region that’s why British forces tried to penetrate and settle in this region. Mr. Bruce, who was leading the British Troops, wanted to establish the two military bases in Wana, because of the strategic location of Wana.

In order to accomplish his mission objectives, he came to Waziristan and started recruitment and mobilization of people to stand and fight against the illegal occupation of the British Empire.

Initially, the joining of a small number of men in the group led to the disappointment of Mullah Powindah, but later it faded away as later, more and more young people began to join his movement. And in this manner, he successfully managed to recruit a group of young and patriotic men.

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This situation was totally unacceptable for Mullah Powindah, therefore he send the rejoinder to Mr. Bruce was asked to refrain from establishing the camp in Wana or prepare for the consequences.

On the other hand, the British Forces rejected the rejoined sent by Mullah Powindah by saying that Wana is a region that belongs to the Wazir, so Mullah Powindah should not raise any objects on the arrival British Forces there. But, as mentioned earlier, Mullah Powindah attacked the British Forces with bravery and brutally killed 45 troops of British forces in attack.

Mullah Powindah also witness the toughest of tough time in his journey to free his people from the British Chain of Slavery. But, it is also a matter of fact that Mullah Powindah gave very tough time to British Forces to achieve their objective of setting up military bases in Wana.

The British Government tried his level best to subdue the resistance led by Mullah Powindah, but each effort of British Government failed miserably.

Throughout his life, Mullah Powindah remained resilient and determined to fight against the British Empire in order to free his people from British slavery. Mullah Powindah has devoted all his life to fight the British Empire for his people. Mullah Powindah died in 1913.

Mullah Powindah always be remembered as the hero for the generation to come. And people would definitely learn from the courage and valor he showed during his life.

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SSG Powindah Battalion:

In recognition of the Sacrifices, bravery, meritorious services of Mullah Powindah, PAKISTAN ARMY has raised a Commando Battalion in the PAKISTAN’s Most Feared Special Services Group or SSG.


The 3rd Commando Battalion of Special Services Group (SSG) named as Powindah Battalion after the name of Mullah Powindah.

Commandos of SSG Powindah Battalion
Commandos of SSG Powindah Battalion

The SSG Powindah Battalion is stationed in Tarbela along with Anti-Terrorist Zarrar Company and 8th Commando Battalion. The Commandos of Special Services Group of 3rd Commando Battalion or the SSG Powindah Battalion are specialized in conducting specialized high-altitude mountain warfare operations.

Operators of SSG 3rd Commando Powindah Battalion During Operation in Battlefield
Operators of SSG 3rd Commando Powindah Battalion During Operation in Battlefield

The operators of the SSG Powindah Battalion have also named countless successes in defending the Sacred Maritime Frontiers of PAKISTAN.

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