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Argentina Signs Defense Contract To Procure 12 JF-17 Block-III Multi-Role Fighter Aircraft From PAKISTAN:

Argentina cuts defense deal for the procurement of 12 Numbers of State of the Art JF-17 Block-3 from PAKISTAN for whopping $664 million. Amongst the 12 Block-3 Fighter Jet, 10 would be Single Seat Variant of JF-17 Block-3, while the remaining two would be Dual Seat Trainer Cum Fighter Jet of JF-17 Block-3.

JF-17 Missiles
JF-17 Missiles

According to the details, Argentina has presented the budget before the National Congress for the year of 2022. Argentina also allocates $644 million for the purchase of 12 Numbers of Next Generation JF-17 Block-3 Aircraft from PAKISTAN.

According to the details mentioned in the budget of Argentina, the unit cost of PAKISTAN’s new, state of the art and lethal JF-17 Block-III Fighter Jet is rumored around $50 million, which would also include the additional amount for the repair and modernizations of aircraft and runways.

Last year, it was first reported in December 2020 that Argentina is seriously considering to purchase the 12 Numbers of Next Generation JF-17 Thunder Aircraft to consolidate its offensive and defensive capabilities.

Argentina Air Force (AAF) has previously discarded the offers from Russia, USA and india, in order to fill the gap for its next supersonic fighter aircraft and ultimately, the country accepted the offer made by both Iron Brothers PAKISTAN and CHINA.

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It is pertinent to mention that after presenting this budget, Argentina has firmly rubbished all the initial rumors and claims. Now, the country is heading to acquire 12 Numbers of state of the art JF-17 Block-III aircraft from PAKISTAN as soon as possible.

The Argentina Air Force has also allocated $20 million for the modernization of the runways and repair of the new aircraft.

Back in 2015, the Argentina’s Minister Agustine Russi allocated an amount of $360 million for the procurement of 13 numbers of Kfir fighter aircraft, but the acquisition process was later frozen under the new government of Argentina.

The Argentina Air Force (AAF) has previously signed a contract with South Korea for the procurement of 12 numbers of FA-50 Fighter Jet from South Korea, but the defense deal was later jeopardized due to the diplomatic pressure of the Argentina arch enemy, the united kingdom.

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Top level defense experts firmly believe that the procurement of 12 JF-17 Block-III Fighter Jet by the Argentina could have serious defensive and political ramifications for the UK next to the disputed South Sandwich Islands and Falkland Islands.

Salient Features of JF-17 Block-3 Aircraft:

The JF-17 Block-III is a state of the art 4.5++ Generation multirole fighter Aircraft produced in PAKISTAN with the technical assistance from PAKISTAN’s Iron Brother CHINA.

The JF-17 Block-III features the 8 hardpoints that can be used to arm the Aircraft with a variety of lethal and dangerous weapons. The JF-17 Block 3 Aircraft is also equipped with the hi-tech electronic and counter-electric warfare system.

The Fighter Jet is fully capable of performing aerial combat, long-range maritime strikes, combat air patrol, BVR integrated battle, anti-radiation SEAD/DEAD missions and long-range precision ground air strikes. 

The primary weapon of JF-17 Block-3 is the formidable PL-15 active radar-guided long-range air to air missile (LRAAM) that has a total range of 180 Kilometers. The secondary weapon of JF-17 Block-III is PL-10 Infrared (IR) short range air to air missile (SRAAM) with a maximum range of 20 Kilometers in total.

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JF-17 Block 3 is packed with the revolutionary KLJ-7 AESA Radar, a Helmet Mounted Display (HMD) targeting system and advanced avionics, amongst others. The Top Speed of JF-17 Block-3 is up to Mach 2.0 and it has a maximum service ceiling of over 55,000 feet in total.

Relations between PAKISTAN and Argentina:

Both Argentina and PAKISTAN have friendly and cordial relations that are spanning over decades. PAKISTAN has voted in the favor of a UN Resolution depicting that “the continued existence of colonialism is incompatible with the ideal of universal peace held by the United Nations”, which has also got relevance for the Falkland Islands, which is illegally occupied by the united kingdom.

In the same manner, Argentina also played its role by being a part of consensus in favor of the resolution put forward by the PAKISTAN in the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) on the right to self-determination.

The Chairman of PAKISTAN Senate said on the record that “PAKISTAN and Argentina have very close cooperation in various fields and unanimity of views on international issues”.

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