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PAF Conducts Major Scale Command Level Hawk-Eye Operational Exercise:

In response to filthy indian warmongering moves, PAKISTAN AIR FORCE has carried on major scale Command Level Hawk-Eye Operational Exercise from across the country. The major scale operational exercise conducted with the participation of all the operational bases across all the three commands in different parts of the country. 

JF-17 Thunder Operational Readiness Hawk-Eye Exercise
JF-17 Thunder Operational Readiness Hawk-Eye Exercise

The Command Level Hawk-Eye Operational Exercise of PAKISTAN AIR FORCE aimed to practice at the various capabilities of short notice offensive employment. All types of Aircraft fleets, Special Forces and Force Multipliers of PAF participated in the exercise. The second aim of the exercise is to ensure the full implementation of PAKISTAN AIR FORCE offensive planning when implemented in real-time scenarios.

“All types of Pakistan Air Force aircraft participated in the massive concurrent exercise to practice short-notice offensive employment concept involving fighter aircraft, force-multipliers and Special Forces,” according to the press release issued by PAF.

All the units of PAKISTAN AIR FORCE combat aircrafts and the Special Operation Forces of PAKISTAN AIR FORCE named as the Special Services Wing (SSW) all participate in the exercise by parachuting from PAF major transport aircraft.

PAKISTAN AIR FORCE has said that the PAF has validates different multilateral and unilateral options for offensive employment during the Command Level Hawk-Eye Operational Exercise.

The footage released by PAF shows the J-17 Thunder armed with the lethal C-802 Anti-Ship Cruising Missile (ASCM), air to surface weapons among others. The footage also shows the pinpoint destruction of the designated targets during the exercise.

PAKISTAN AIR FORCE has also used its Pride Fighter Jets JF-17 Thunder in the Command Level Hawk-Eye Operational Exercise. PAKISTAN AIR FORCE also used the Gliding variant of Precision-Guided Bomb (PGB) REK for MK 80-Series General Purpose Bombs (GPBs).

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The REK PGB has a total operating range up to 10 Kilometers in range. The REK Precision-Guided Bomb showed in the footage implies that it is indigenously manufactured by the PAF and it seems that PAF has actually test-fired its indigenous weapon from JF-17 Thunder Aircraft to test its various parameters.

The next part of the footage shows the air-to-air refueling (AAR) of PAKISTAN AIR FORCE’s JF-17 Thunder Block-2s variant from Ilyushin II-78 Multi-purpose Aircraft. The Air-to-Air Refueling capable JF-17 Thunder Aircrafts can undergo deep strike missions in enemy territory without the need of manual refueling from ground base.

Top Defense Analysts are suggesting the conducting of Command Level Hawk-Eye Operational Exercise by PAF is an important threat response exercise of the PAKISTAN AIR FORCE and the involvement of all the three commands across the country implies that PAKISTAN AIR FORCE is round the clock fully ready and prepared to safeguard is Sacred Airspace from the nefarious designs of the filthy indians.

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