Filthy indian sponsored ttp commander shehryar mehsud Killed in Afghanistan:

Another filthy indian sponsored dog bites the dust in Afghanistan. The filthy indian sponsored ttp commander shehryar mehsud killed in a improvised explosive device (IED) attack in Afghanistan’s Kunar Province on Wednesday, 13th February, 2020.

filthy ttp commander sheharyar mehsud killed in Afghanistan

The filthy ttp commander shehryar mehsud was the head of the ttp faction mehsud group.

The assassinated filthy ttp commander shehryar mehsud was directly involved in carry out massive terrorist attack in different parts of PAKISTAN on the behest of raw and indian government.

The filthy indian sponsored ttp commander shehryar mehsud was the third filthy commander of ttp to be killed in Afghanistan.

Few days ago, former filthy ttp deputy chief sheikh khalid Haqqani and ttp commander qari younis were also assassinated in Afghanistan by unknown attackers.

Leader of a breakaway faction of the Pakistani Taliban, Shehryar Mehsud, killed in Kunar, Afghanistan… Unclear who is responsible but there’s now been three major killings of Pakistani militant figures in Afg in recent days

The former filthy ttp deputy chief and commander sheikh khalid Haqqani was regarded as the most important person in the ttp and acts as the ideological teacher of the indian sponsored terrorist group. The filthy indian government and indian intelligence agency was directly providing the funds and training to the filthy ttp commander shehryar mehsud to carry out more terrorist attack in the country.

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The killing of the filthy indian sponsored dog and ttp commander shehryar mehsud is a great news for PAKISTAN as the filthy indian dog was wanted by PAKISTAN SECURITY FORCES for his direct involvement in the terrorist attacks in different parts in the country.

This is yet another remarkable achievement by the PAKISTAN INTELLIGENCE AGENCIES and PAKISTANI SECURITY FORCES. Job Well Done…




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