Former filthy indian sponsored ttp deputy chief sheikh khalid haqani and filthy ttp commander qari younis Assassinated in Afghanistan:

More good news for PAKISTAN as the former filthy indian sponsored former deputy chief of ttp sheikh khalid Haqqani and filthy indian sponsored ttp commander qari younis assassinated in Afghanistan, the group confirmed the killings.

former filthy ttp head sheharyar mehsud

The filthy indian sponsored former deputy chief of ttp sheikh khalid Haqqani was the deputy chief of the ttp and he was also the member of the group’s central committee. The filthy sheikh khalid Haqqani and the filthy qari younis both were the member of the filthy ttp central committee. The both dogs were humiliated and killed by ‘Unknown Killers’ in Afghanistan, the group spokesperson confirmed the assassination of indian dogs in Afghanistan.

Both the filthy dogs sheikh khalid Haqqani and qari younis were directly funded, trained and armed by the filthy indian government to carry out terrorist attack on PAKISTANI FORCES and civilians in different parts of PAKISTAN.

The filthy indian dog sheikh khalid Haqqani was also directly involved in the APS Tragedy in which more than 150 Kids were martyred by the filthy indian sponsored terrorist in the ARMY PUBLIC SCHOOL.

The filthy spokesperson of ttp khurasani confirmed the killings by saying that both the filthy dogs were on their way to carry out an attack, when they met their painful destiny and humiliated death.

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The filthy indian dog sheikh khalid Haqqani was listed among the most wanted terrorist by PAKISTANI SECURITY FORCES for his direct involvement in several high-profile terrorist attacks in the country that were performed with the support and funding by the filthy indian government.

Collectively, this is a great news for PAKISTAN as the filthy indian government lost another pawn in Afghanistan. This yet another Brilliant effort by the ‘GREEN ANGELS’.




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