More Worries for india as US to Upgrade PAKISTAN’s F-16 Program for $125 Million:

It seems that destiny also wants to humiliate the india on daily basis. In the recent development, the US Defense Security Cooperation Agency (DSCA) has announced that the US has approved a $125 million Military assistance to PAKISTAN.

The above-mentioned military assistance will be used to support, upgrade and modernize the PAKISTAN’s F-16 Program.

The recent announcement came after the recent visit of PAKISTAN’s Top Military Brass with the PM to the United States. PAKISTAN Chief of Army Staff General Qamar Ahmed Bajwa visited the Pentagon along with the senior military commanders.

The latest move will definitely hurt the indians as the indians have tried their level best to deprive PAKISTAN from the latest Defense Technology, but so far the india has failed miserably.

According to the statement, the country has requested the continuation of technical support and logistical services and other elements of services to assist the country in oversight of operations of the PAKISTAN’s advanced F-16 Program.

US Defense Security Cooperation Agency (DSCA) further said that the proposed $125 million military assistance will help to further support the national security and foreign policy with the help of end-use monitoring.

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The principal contractor responsible for the technical and logistical support is Booz Allen Hamilton Engineering Services LLC, Fairborn, Ohio. The statement further said a total of 60 contractors will be required to provide logical and technical assistance to PAKISTAN’s advanced F-16 Program.

The above-mentioned military assistance will be used to modernize the fleet of PAKISTAN F-16 Aircraft.

The latest US Department statement is the clear indication that the Afghanistan Peace Talks with Taliban has entered the decisive phase and breakthrough is expected soon. PAKISTAN was the primary force that brings Taliban to the negotiating table and without PAKISTAN’s help, the dream of Afghanistan Peace Talks could never be turned into reality whatsoever.

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