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PAF IL-78 Aircraft Airlifted 14 Tons Of Protective Equipment And Ventilators From CHINA:

PAKISTAN AIR FORCE IL-78 Aircraft Airlifted 14 Tons of Protective Gear, Masks and Ventilators from Brotherly Country CHINA arrived in PAKISTAN.

PAF IL-78 Aircraft Airlifted 14 Tons of Protective Gear from CHINA - Copy

The massive 14 Tons of Protective Gear consists of Ventilators, N95 Masks and other equipment is donated by PAKISTAN’s Iron Brother CHINA to PAKISTAN to fight the COVID-19 Pandemic in the Country.

PAKISTAN’s Iron Brother CHINA is providing all possible help to PAKISTAN to continue its fight to control the further outbreak of the coronavirus Pandemic in the Country.

PAKISTAN, who is still fighting the COVID-19 pandemic, fell short of Protective Gear, Surgical Masks and ventilators in the country. So, PAKISTAN All-Weather Ally CHINA has decided to help PAKISTAN at this crucial juncture of time.

Few days ago, the CHINESE Billionaire and Ali Baba Foundation Chairman Jack Ma sent Tons of Protective equipment, testing kits and masks to PAKISTAN as a gesture of goodwill and friendship.

CHINESE Embassy has tweeted from a famous Microblogging website that “CHINA is Always Standing with PAKISTAN through Thick and Thin.”

The COVID-19 Pandemic has taken the grasp in nearly all the provinces of PAKISTAN, including Gilgit Baltistan and forces the Government to exercise complete lockdown in the country for 2 consecutive weeks in order to control the further spread of Pandemic in the country.

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PAF IL-78 Aircraft Airlifted massive 14 Tons of Protective Gear from CHINA

So, far PAKISTAN has reported more than 1600 confirmed COVID-19 Cases with over 20 confirmed deaths, while 38 Patients have completely recovered from COVID-19 due to timely measures.

A lot has been said, but several evidences suggested that US and israel are the two countries who have engineered the Coronavirus as a Global biological weapon to create a new world order (NWO) in order to fulfil their certain nefarious designs, but this plan is destined to fail miserably and that’s for sure.

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