PAKISTAN’s F-16 Jets Intercepted indian jet Over High Altitude Flight In PAKISTAN Air Space:

In a bid to further humiliate its filthy neighbor, the Brave falcons of PAKISTAN AIR FORCE intercepted and scrambled the indian commercial flight over high altitude in PAKISTANI Airspace. According to the details, 2 PAKISTAN AIR FORCE F-16 Fighter Aircrafts scrambled the delhi to Kabul bound indian commercial airline Spicejet, which was flying over the normal altitude designated for commercial airlines. PAF F-16 quickly responds and scrambled the indian commercial airline and ordered the pilot to quickly descend to a lower altitude.

The pilot of the Kabul bound SpiceJet Airline ordered and forced by the PAF Pilots to immediately descend its altitude. Upon which, the pilots of the SpiceJet airline immediately follow the orders of PAF Pilots and descend the altitude of the Plane, which was flying in PAKISTANI Air space.

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“At the time when Pakistani F-16s were flying around their flight, the passengers were told to shut the windows and remain silent,” revealed by one of the passengers boarded the aircraft on the condition of anonymity. The passenger further said that the airline crew strictly told them not to share the details of the incident with anyone in the future.

The PAKISTAN F-16 Pilots also demanded the pilot to provide them with complete flight details. The PAKISTANI Fighter Airplanes escorted the indian commercial airplane till it enters the Afghanistan Air space.

The incident happened on the 23rd September, as SpiceJet Aircraft boarded with 120 passengers. During the incident, the feared pilots and crew of the SpiceJet airline ordered the passengers of the aircraft to immediately close all the windows of the aircraft and remain silent regarding the incident.

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According to the sources, the confusion caused by the code of the aircraft. It is important to mention that every commercial and military flight has its own specific code and the code name designated to SpiceJet Airline was ‘SG’. The officials of the Air Traffic Controller (ATC) mistakenly understood the code with ‘ia’, which is the code of the coward and filthy indian air force, prompting PAKISTAN AIR FORCE to immediately respond to the situation.

It is important to mention that the relations between PAKISTAN and india have escalated further to the skies after the coward indian forces and the indian government revoked the special status of indian occupied Kashmir on August 5th, 2019. PAKISTAN has reportedly prepared itself to go for a full-scale kinetic war with its coward neighbor, if the situation in Kashmir remains unchanged for an unspecified period of time.

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