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ISI has Busted raw Funded Network In Gilgit Baltistan:

It seems that year of 2019 is the year of utter humiliation of india, modi and its terrorist funded organization of raw. In a recent development, the Green Angels of PAKISTAN’s Premier Intelligence Agency, ISI have busted a indian raw network in PAKISTANI Territory of Gilgit-Baltistan.

ISI Logo

The Premier Intelligence Agency of PAKISTAN INTER-SERVICES INTELLIGENCE have also apprehended more than 10 suspects and foiled the attempt to create a law and order situation in Gilgit and Baltistan.

A region which is considered as the backbone for the success of PAKISTAN and CHINA funded multi-billion dollar CHINA PAKISTAN Economic Corridor (CPEC).

This time, the culprit party was the raw mentored Nationalist Party of Gilgit Baltistan named as Balawaristan National Front (Hameed Group).

Swine abdul hameed khan
Pic of Filthy and Bastard raw Snake Abdul Hameed Khan, Dogs of Hell

The Balawaristan National Front (Hameed Group Branch) was heavily funded by the india’s intelligence agency raw to spread anarchy and other subversive activities to create the serious law and order situation in the PAKISTANI Territory of Gilgit Baltistan by luring the youth of the different educational institutes towards terrorism and Anti-PAKISTAN Propaganda. 

The Kingpin of Balawaristan National Front (Hameed Group) Abdul Hameed Khan has also surrendered itself in front of Autho

rities back in February, 2019. The Shocking Revelation further revealed that indian raw agency, not only heavily funded the Abdul Hameed Khan to spread anarchy in the region, but the terrorist and coward indians also gave Abdul Hameed Khan and his children the indian citizenship.

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Moreover, coward and terrorist indian raw agency also enrolled the children of Abdul Hameed Khan in the expensive educational institutes in different parts of the country. The proof of indian education has also been obtained by the valiant PAKISTANI LAW ENFORCEMENT AGENCIES.

It is important to mention that the head of the Balawaristan National Front (Hameed Group) Abdul Hameed Khan went to Nepal in 1999. After that the indian raw had taken him in india.

The coward and terrorist indian raw agency not only gave a heavy investment to Abdul Hameed Khan and he is also given a 3-Star residential apartment in Delhi, where he resided under the supervision of three coward indian raw agents as the Col Joshi and Joshi. 

After that, the coward and terrorist indians then sent him to Belgium in 2007 for Anti-PAKISTAN propaganda in front to European Union Parliament Brussels.

Moreover the head of Balawaristan National Front (Hameed Group) also written letters to the International Monetary Fund (IMF) to stop providing the technical and financial aid of 6 Proposed Dams in PAKISTAN.

The sources have shared the shocking details that how Abdul Hameed Khan had been playing in the hands of the raw to spread Anti-PAKISTAN propaganda in the region.

Furthermore, Abdul Hameed Khan was provided the coward indians with the  documents along with the investment to conduct business in the country.

According to the sources, the raw has given up to Rs. 1 Billion indian rupees to the head of Balawaristan National Front (Hameed Group) Abdul Hameed Khan. Out of which, 700 million was sent to PAKISTAN by different illegal means for different subversive activities and to defame PAKISTAN Internationally.

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Bastard abdul hameed khan bnf brussels
Filthy and Bastard Abdul Hameed Khan spewing venom against GREAT PAKISTAN in Brussels

Sources say that Balawaristan National Front (Hameed Group) has collaborated with the indian raw to spread anarchy and unrest in the region.

It is imported to mention that terrorist and the notorious indian raw agency has given huge amount of money to Abdul Hameed Khan for up to 11 long years from 1999 to 2007 and from 2015 to 2018.

The Brave and Valiant Law Enforcement Agencies of GREAT PAKISTAN have arrested up to 14 members of the Balawaristan National Front (Hameed Group) and recovered a huge cache of illegal and prohibited weapons from their possession.

It is worth to mention that the Balawaristan National Student Organization (BNSO) Sher Nadir Shahi played a key role in assisting the Abdul Hameed Khan. Nadir Shahi surrendered itself to Authorities back on 29 March, 2019 after the surrendering of Khan in February, 2019.

Coward and Swine Sher Nadir Shahi was also involved in raw-sponsored terrorist activities in the PAKISTANI area of Ghizer and Rawalpindi before surrendering. Shahi was successfully busted in an Intelligence Based Operation (IBO) carried out by the PAKISTANI intelligence agencies and the operation to bust the local network of Shahi was codenamed as ‘Operation Pursuit’.

Bastard and Filthy Sher Nadir Shahi of BNF enjoying Holi
Bastard, Filthy and Swine Sher Nadir Shahi of Balawaristan National Front enjoying holi

According to the sources, the raw has provided up to 12 million INR per annum to Abdul Hameed Khan to activate and continued his push for guerilla and sabotage activities and terrorists activities in different parts of Gilgit Baltistan and rest of the country.

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Shocking revelations further revealed that the raw agency has offered all kinds of logistic, financial and training support to the Balawaristan National Front (Hameed Group), including the weapons.

bastards bnf activists
Arrested Bastards and Swines of filthy Balawaristan National Front (BNF). Dogs of Hell

Furthermore, the terrorist india has also provided the technical assistance to set up an FM Radio Network in Gilgit Baltistan for Anti-PAKISTAN activities and Propaganda. However, Khan was failed miserably due to the effective performance of intelligence and law enforcement agencies of great PAKISTAN.

Bastard abdul hameed khan bnf
reality of swine and bastard abdul hameed khan of BNF party

According to the sources, the coward indian raw mentored the Balawaristan National Front (Hameed Group) to brainwash the young students through anti-PAKISTAN propaganda in different schools, colleges and universities of Gilgit Baltistan.

Shocking revelation revealed that the Group’s Head Abdul Hameed Khan, who has also surrendered to the authorities, also planned a devastating terrorist attack in the area which was foiled by the Valiant Green Angels of PAKISTANI INTELLIGENCE AGENCIES. The whole operation was codenamed, ‘Operation Sweet’.


This is a huge achievement of PAKISTANI Intelligence and Law Enforcement Agencies and huge humiliation for cow piss drinker raw. The whole operation would be a huge setback for terrorist modi and his swine dog ajit doval bastard.

This would really damage the coward and terrorist indians in a bad manner. There are countless Sacrifices that Our Intelligence Agencies are giving on a daily basis just to keep the PAKISTAN and PAKISTANI safe from the cow piss drinker indian filth.

May ALLAH ALMIGHTY gives more Respect, Glory and Fame to our unknown heroes who are always ready to sacrifice their everything for the sake of PAKISTAN.

The Team of PAK DEFENSE salutes such Green Angels who are working day and night just to keep this Sacred Country safe from the filth of indian sponsored Terrorism.




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