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PAKISTAN Gets Delivery of Hi-Tech 50 Armed Wing Loong II Drones From Its Iron Brother CHINA:

PAKISTAN gets delivery of 50 hi-tech and state of the art Wing Loong II Combat And Reconnaissance Drones from its Iron Brother CHINA. All the Drones are armed with lethal missiles capable to strike deep enemy positions with pinpoint accuracy.

PAKISTAN Gets Delivery of Hi-Tech 50 Wing Loong II Combat and Reconnaissance Drones From Its Iron Brother CHINA
PAKISTAN Gets Delivery of Hi-Tech 50 Wing Loong II Combat and Reconnaissance Drones From Its Iron Brother CHINA

CHINESE media have termed the decision of selling 50 Combat and Reconnaissance Drones to Brotherly Country PAKISTAN as the utter nightmare from india ground formations as indian army has does not possess the ability to respond such hi-tech new age stand-off weapons.

The Wing Loong II Armed Combat Drone could prove to be very lethal and fatal for the indian armed forces, as they are unable to repel attack trigger on their ground formations launched by the large number of armed drones.

The CHINESE media added that the CHINESE Armed Wing Loong II Drone is the one of the capable and battle proven Armed Drone in the inventory of PLA Forces.

In modern conflicts, the armed drone plays an important, decisive and formidable role targeting deep enemy positions and suppressing and annihilating enemy air defense units with pinpoint and precise accuracy.

The world has witnessed the capability of armed UAVs in the recent AZERBAIJAN-Armenian conflict in which Brave AZERI Forces successfully used armed drones to target the enemy forces. Furthermore, the Brave AZERI forces successfully hunt down enemy tanks, armored carriers and up to 6 S-300 Air Defense System (SAMs) batteries.

Likewise, the armed drone has played a crucial and decisive role in Asian and African war theatres, such as Syria and Libya as well. The CHINESE Media said that the indian armed forces are now totally helpless against such drones, as the drones can stealthily destroy and annihilate the large ground formations with pinpoint accuracy.

The overall cost of CHINESE Wing Loong II Armed Drone is about one-tenth the cost of a modern fighter jet, so it does not make sense to shoot such drones by using the multi-million dollar US-based air-to-air missiles.

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It is a fact that the coward indian forces built tunnel defense by using huge concrete pipes in order to provide first-line defense in case of any potential conflict. But, a lucky, even one strike from Armed Wing Loong II UAV can not only destroys the large ground formation, but it also has the ability to shoot down the state of the art enemy Surface to Air (SAM) batteries in a potential conflict.

The CHINESE Media stated that the Wing Loong II Armed Drones, if uses wisely, can also destroy the S-400 Next Generation Air Defense System, which, india, the arch enemy of both PAKISTAN and CHINA, is getting in the next couple of years from RUSSIA.

Furthermore, the Wing Loong II Armed and Reconnaissance Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) would also be able to shatter the best defense plans of adversary without using the properly integrated air defense network.

Nevertheless, it is another well thought strategic decision of PAKISTAN’s Iron Brother CHINA to sell 50 numbers to PAKISTAN at the time, when the coward indian armed forces are looking to stage a false flag operation, as usual, to blame PAKISTAN in the coming days.

PAKISTAN ARMY Completes Trial of CHINESE Wing Loong II Armed Drone:

On November 24, 2017, a satellite image has showed that the stationing of CHINESE Wing Loong II Armed Drone at PAKISTAN AIR FORCE base in Mianwali. The satellite image clearly showed the parked drone as the Wing Loong II Drone.

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Wng Loong II Combat Drone Spotted At PAF Base at Mianwali back in 2017
Wng Loong II Combat Drone Spotted At PAF Base at Mianwali back in 2017

The assessment is based on the Wingspan of the drone, which is spanning over 14 meters and its distinctive V-tail. Both of these are the clearest indication of Wing Loong II Armed Drone that is parked anywhere else in the world.

It gives the strong impression that PAKISTAN has bought the armed drone from its Iron Brother CHINA for the initial trials, which went successful and as per the strict selection criteria of PAKISTAN ARMY, so this would be strong reason that PAKISTAN ARMY has decided to buy those drones in bulk quantity from its Iron Brother CHINA.

PAKISTAN is previously operated a small fleet of medium-sized surveillance drones, which is produced in collaboration with the Italian Defense Giant Leonardo.

PAKISTAN AIR FORCE also operates another medium-sized surveillance and reconnaissance drone known as the GIDS Shahpar, which entered into service back in 2013.

In 2015, PAKISTAN ARMED FORCE has showcased its indigenous armed version drone named as Burraq. The Burraq drone is basically a medium-sized and medium weight strike and reconnaissance drone that bears somewhat resemblance with the CHINESE CH-3A Armed Drone.

In July 2017, PAKISTAN AIR FORCE (PAF) has announced that it is working on the indigenous Medium-Altitude Long-Endurance (MALE) Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV), though it will take a couple of years before it is ready for deployment due to initial testing and trials.

PAKISTAN ARMY was desperately in need to fill the gap of heavier multi-role armed and reconnaissance drone to undertake more complex missions. Now, this gap was successfully filled with the acquisition of CHINESE Wing Loong II Armed Drone in its arsenal.

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CHINESE Wing Long II Armed Drone
CHINESE Wing Long II Armed Drone

It seems like that more sleepless nights is coming ahead for india, as india don’t have any ability to counter or control such hi-tech drones in possible future two front war conflict with both Iron Brothers PAKISTAN and CHINA.

The acquisition of the CHINESE Wing Loong II Armed Drone would prove to be very crucial for PAKISTAN ARMED FORCES to undertake complex missions in condense hybrid warfare environment.

Technical Specifications of the CHINESE Wing Loong II Armed Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV):

  1. Type: Medium-Altitude Long Endurance (MALE)
  2. Country of Origin: CHINA
  3. Operator: 1
  4. Wingspan of Wing Loong II Armed Drone: 20.5 meters (67 ft in 3 inches)
  5. Total Height of Wing Loong II Armed Drone: 4.1 meters (13 ft 5 inches)
  6. Total Length of Wing Loong II Armed Drone: 11 meters (36 ft 1 inches)
  7. Maximum Takeoff Weight: 4,200 Kilograms (9,259 lbs)
  8. Total Endurance: 32 Hours
  9. Maximum Speed: 370 Kilometers/Hour (230 mph)
  10. Service Ceiling: 32,500 ft (9,900 meters)
  11. Stall Speed: 150 Kilometers/hour (93 mph)
  12. Payload Equipment: Satellite link, GPS Communication system, Electro-optical Pods with Day Light and Infrared Red Cameras and sensors.
  13. Armaments: Can be armed with the variety of lethal bomb, rockets and guided air to surface missiles






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