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PAKISTAN NAVY Selects New SR2410C 3D Multifunction AESA Radar For Its Type 054 A/P Frigates:

The recent picture of the PAKISTAN NAVY’s first Type 054 A/P Frigate shows the PAKISTAN NAVY has selected the revolutionary SR2410C 3D AESA (Electronically Scanned Array) Radar that is seen mounted on the first of four Type 054 A/P Frigates being ordered by PAKISTAN to its Iron Brother CHINA.


It is pertinent to mention that PAKISTAN has signed the contract for the procurement of the Type 054 A/P Frigate back in 2017. PAKISTAN announced the ordering of next two Type 054 A/P Frigates to its Iron Brother in June 2018. All the four Frigates would be built entirely in CHINA would be deliver to PAKISTAN by the year of 2021.

The steel cutting ceremony for the final two Type 054 A/P Frigates took place in November 2019 and the keel laying ceremony of the second vessel took place in March 2020.  

SR2410 Radar
SR2410 Radar

The first Type 054 A/P Frigate was launched back in August 2020. CHINA is actively engaged in the construction of all the four Type 054 A/P Frigates, which would be delivered to Iron Brother PAKISTAN by the year of 2020.

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Significance Of SR2410C 3D Multifunction Active Electronically Scanned Array (AESA) Radar:

The SR2410C 3D Multifunction Active Electronically Scanned Array (AESA) Radar is an equivalent to the revolutionary Smart-S MK2 by Thales. This SR2410 3D AESA Radar has been fitted with the C13B Corvette of the Bangladesh Navy, which were also built by PAKISTAN’s Iron Brother CHINA.

According to the details released by the manufacturer, the SR2410C 3D AESA Radar has a total range of over 250 Kilometers and it can simultaneously track and detect 150 Surface and Air targets.

According to the manufacturer CHINA State Shipbuilding Corporation (CSSC), “SUR17B radar is designed to automatically detect, record, process of targets, and send target data back to intelligence center. The radar is suitable for corvette, frigate and destroyer, etc., and could be adopted on land or island. It’s capable to perform medium and high altitude long-range surveillance”.

Type 054 A/P Frigates For PAKISTAN NAVY:

The Type 054 A/P frigate is multi-role and multi-mission capable Frigate that acts as the backbone of PEOPLE’S LIBERATION ARMY NAY (PLAN) with the fleet of 30 Surface Combatants in its fleet.

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The Type 054 A/P Frigates has a total length up to 134 meters, beam of 16 meters and a displacement of 4,000 tons in total. The Type 054 A/P Frigates has a total capacity of 164 crew.

The CHINESE version of the Type 054 A/P Frigates are fitted with the Type 382 Long Range and Metric Wave Radar, while the PAKISTANI version of the frigates would be equipped with the SR2410C 3D Active Electronically Scanned Array (AESA) radar.

According to the details released by PAKISTAN NAVY, the Type 054 A/P Frigates are state of the art vessels capable of undertaking the complex multi-mission in a complex hybrid warfare environment. The frigates, once inducted, would be the technologically most advanced Surface Combatant Platforms in the Fleet of PAKISTAN NAVY, which will significantly strengthen and take the Offensive capability of PAKISTAN NAVY to the next level.

The Type 054 A/P Frigates would be able to strengthen the future Naval Security Challenges and it will also help to maintain the Power Equilibrium, Peace & Stability in the highly contested indian region.

PAKISTAN NAVY is currently undergoing the massive fleet upgradation and modernization program with the procurement of state of the art Surface Combatants, Warships, Frigates, Corvettes, Fast Attack Missile Crafts and Offshore Patrol Vessels from different countries across the globe.

Notably, PAKISTAN NAVY is procuring 8 state of the art AIP Combat Submarines from Iron Brother CHINA, Type 054 A/P Frigates from Iron Brother CHINA, MILGEM ADA Class Corvette from Iron Brother TURKEY, 2300 Tons Stealth Corvettes from Damen Shipyards Netherlands.

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Moreover, PAKISTAN is indigenously constructing Submarines, Warships, Frigates, Stealth Corvettes, Offshore Patrol Vessels, Fast Attack Missile Craft Boat and Bollard Pull Pusher Tugs.

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