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PAKISTAN Russia Joint Military Drills ‘Friendship 2019’ to Commence On October in Russia:

More good news for PAKISTAN, as the Senior Military Leadership of both the friendly countries agreed to hold the next joint military d under the banner of ‘Friendship 2019’.

PAKISTAN Russia Strategic Relationship
PAKISTAN Russia Strategic Relationship

PAKISTAN Russia Joint military drills will be commenced in the Russia in the upcoming October, 2019. The recent announcement came from the Russian Defense Ministry on Thursday.

The senior leadership of both the countries agreed to hold the joint military drills in the Russian Southern Military District of Krasnodar Krai. The Friendship 2019 PAKISTAN Russia Joint Military Drills would be participated by the Special Forces of both the countries.

The Press release released by the Russian Ministry of Defense States, “The final planning conference of representatives of the armed forces of the Russian Federation and the Islamic Republic of Pakistan on the preparation and conduct of Friendship 2019 Russian-PAKISTANI joint Military Drills consisting of special units from both the countries is going to commence on the territory of the Southern Military District in Krasnodar Krai.”

At least 50 Russian Special Forces Soldiers from the Russian Special Forces Unit of the 49th combined-arms of the Southern Military will take part in the upcoming Friendship 2019 military drills between PAKISTAN and Russia.

Russia wants to re-exert its influence in Afghanistan and Central Asian Countries to a new level. This dire need of time of Russians makes it important for the country to build friendly and cordial relationship with PAKISTAN.

Russia wants to connect the Central Asian Countries and Afghanistan to form an anti-US bloc; hence it needs the total support and confidence of the ISLAMABAD.

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If ISLAMABAD grants access to Russians to use the Hot Water Deep Port of Gwader via CPEC, then Russia would be in a very good position to counter the US influence not only in Afghanistan, but in the Central Asian Countries as well.

PAKISTANI and Russian Military Personnel
PAKISTANI and Russian Military Personnel

A high-level delegation from the PAKISTAN Military visited Russia and was received by the Senior Russian Military Officials. Defense officials from both the countries held a meeting to overview the preparation of the next coming military drills, alongside the armament and composition of the armed forces of both the countries.

The delegation of PAKISTAN ARMY who is on an official visit to Russia, was also visited the chosen location for the upcoming PAKISTAN Russia Friendship 2019 joint military drills.

According to the proposed plan, the mixed Special Forces units from both the countries will use the Russian Weapons and will conduct the several undisclosed Special Forces Combat Training Tasks. The next coming PAK-Russia Friendship 2019 joint military drills will help to further strengthen the military level cooperation between the two friendly countries.

Impact of PAKISTAN Russia Defense Ties on the Regional Security:

The scope of PAKISTAN Russia military to military contact is on the rise right from the start of the year 2019 as the both countries have significantly increased efforts for military to military contact and strategic defense engagement between the two countries.

indian terrorism in Balochistan

The Commander of Russian Ground Forces General Oleg Salyukov visited PAKISTAN and meet with the top military brass of the country, including the PAKISTAN Chief of Army Staff General Qamar Ahmed Bajwa earlier this month.

The recent visit of Russian Ground Forces Commander to PAKISTAN is of great significance as the Russia expressing its desire to officially join the multi-billion dollars CHINA PAKISTAN Economic Corridor (CPEC) Project.

During the meeting, both the military commanders emphasized for intensifying cooperation in the domain of training and security in a bid to further expand the military ties between the armed forces of both the countries.

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Upcoming Anti-US Power Bloc Starts to Build Up:

The recent visit of the Russian Ground Forces Commander to PAKISTAN has been the subject of the international military engagements. The Head of PAKISTAN based Think Tank ‘Brasstacks’ and a prominent PAKISTANI Defense Analyst, Mr. Zaid Zaman Hamid threw light on the impact of emerging PAKISTAN Russia Geo-strategic relationship dynamics, which would not be limited to regional security, but will impact the international Geo-strategic depth as well.

The dream of strong Anti-US bloc in now the dire need of the time and is becoming the reality. Both the European Union and its military alliance NATO are crumbling and future of both the organization is in jeopardy.

This reality implies that the regional allies of the US are fed up with the war mongering policies and so they want to get aside from US decisions.

PAKISTAN Russia China Anti US Bloc

The Prominent PAKISTAN Afghan War Veteran and Defense Analyst Mr. Zaid Zaman hamid said that the Power equation of regional security is changing dramatically and it offers the golden opportunity to both PAKISTAN and Russia to bury the old hostility and build a new strategic partnership for the 21st Century.

Moscow wants to get access to PAKISTAN-CHINA billion dollars CPEC project to exert its influence to war torn Afghanistan and other countries of the Central Asia. Defense Analyst Mr. Zaid Hamid explained that both the countries are moving towards a strategic partnership by overcoming the mistrust of the Pre-Soviet cold war days.

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He further explained that although both the countries are taking small steps, but they are moving in the right direction.

Moscow Against Terrorism by india in Balochistan:

Another prominent Baloch Analyst Mr. Jan Achakzai said that the stakes of Moscow in Balochistan have changed significantly and Moscow has shared its concern with the india to stop terrorist activities in the region.

The terrorism supported indian government has supported the terrorism in the PAKISTANI Province by using the soil of iran and Afghanistan.

Russia clearly told clearly the india that the stakes of Moscow in PAKISTAN’s Balochistan province has changed significantly due to the billion-dollar CPEC project and Moscow don’t want any indian interference in Balochistan from the indian side.

Moscow has given stern warning to Delhi, “We fought for warm waters under USSR now we are getting access for free through CPEC” why would one undermine CPEC?” was the gist of the stern message.”

indian sponsored terrorism in Balochistan
indian sponsored terrorism in Balochistan

The Prominent Balochi Journalist and Analyst Mr. Jan Achakzai further noted that Moscow is trying to follow the footsteps of the CHINA to build to cultural ties with PAKISTAN and establish a Russian Language Centre in the country to increase the people to people contact between the two countries.

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