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U.S. Designates indian Sponsored Balochistan Liberation Army (BLA) As Terrorist Group:

The United States designates the indian Sponsored Balochistan Liberation Army (BLA) as a Global Terrorist Organization. The Balochistan Liberation Army is basically a PAKISTAN-based militant group involved in deteriorating law and order situation in the country.

filthy india Support BLA
 india Support BLA

The Terrorist Factory india provides financial assistance, training and weapons to the banned outfit of Balochistan Liberation Army (BLA) to spread anarchy and create Law and Order Situation in the country.

indian provides financial and logistical support to the banned militant of the BLA outfit. Moreover, the indians give them indian passport, so they can easily travel inside or outside india for medical treatment and other purpose.

fitlhy india supporting BLA
india supporting BLA

One of the biggest proofs of india sponsoring terrorist activities in PAKISTAN was given by indian Ex-army chief General (retd) Vijay Kumar Singh. The coward indian general openly admits that india is heavily invested in different terrorist groups for heinous terrorist activities inside PAKISTAN.

The indian general and Ex-indian army cheif VK Singh also openly admits that india feared of PAKISTAN-CHINA friendship and wants to disturb the relations of both countries by attacking Chinese National and assets inside PAKISTAN.

Cow Pisses Drinker filthy indian General Vijay Kumar Singh Openly Admits that filthy india is Supporting BLA
indian General Vijay Kumar Singh Openly Admits that india is Supporting BLA

The notorious Balochistan Liberation Army (BLA) terrorist Aslam Acho was critically injured during fighting with the Brave and Valiant Security Forces of PAKISTAN. He ran away to Afghanistan and he was airlifted from Afghanistan to  india for medical treatment. His picture from indian hospital was released on various social networking websites.

Aslam Acho was the main mastermind to attack the Chinese Nationals in Bolochistan. Later, the indian sponsored BLA terrorist was killed by a painful dog’s death in a Suicide blast deep inside Afghanistan.

bastard BLA Terrorist aslam acho gets medical treatment in filthy indian hospital
bastard BLA Terrorist aslam acho gets medical treatment in indian hospital

US State Dept Said that ‘The Banned BLA Outfit is a foreign funded militant group that specifically targets Security Forces and Civilians in the ethnic Baloch areas of PAKISTAN.’ The Dept further said, ‘The banned foreign funded militant group BLA has carried out several attacks in the PAKISTAN alone in the past year, including a suicide attack that targeted Chinese Engineers in August, 2018.

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The banned outfit also carried out another high-profile attack on the Chinese Consulate in Karachi back in November 2018 and an attack against a luxury Hotel Chain in Gwadar back in May 2019.

PAKISTAN Foreign Office has welcomed the decision and hoping that designating the BLA as a Global Terrorist Organization will help minimized the terrorist activities of the organization inside the country.

PAKISTAN further said that the latest announcement is a huge setback for indians and it is an utter humiliation of notorious indian intelligence organization as it has made huge investment in the organization to create law and order situation in the country.

PAKISTAN had declared the proscribed and banned Outfit of Balochistan Liberation Army (BLA) as a terrorist organization back in 2006 and the recent US declaration of BLA as a Global Terrorist can easily be seen as the ‘Big Diplomatic Victory of PAKISTAN over india.

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The US State Department also includes an alert that Jundullah Militant Group, who is associated with the banned Outfit of Tahreek-e-Taliban PAKISTAN and was designated by the State Department as a Global Terrorist Group by Washington in 2010, is now operating under the name of Jaysh al-Adl. The Group has been involved in different terrorist activities inside PAKISTAN and Iran, the State Department Said.

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