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PAKISTAN All Set To Receive First Type 054A/P Guided Missile Stealth Warship From Its Iron Brother CHINA In Summer 2021:

PAKISTAN all set to receive the first Type 054A/P Guided-Missile Stealth Warship from its Iron Brother CHINA in the Summer of 2021. This is the first of the total four 054A/P Warships that PAKISTAN has entitled to receive from its Iron Brother CHINA.

PAKISTAN NAVY Type 054 A-P Frigate

According to the details, PAKISTAN has cut the multi-billion deal with CHINA Shipbuilding Trading Company Ltd (CSTC) for the procurement of 4 numbers of the State of the Art and Hi-Tech Type 054 A/P Jiangkai II-Class Guided-Missile Stealth Warships.

PAKISTAN Iron Brother CHINA rolled out the very first Type 054A/P Guided-Missile Stealth Warship for PAKISTAN back in August 22, 2020.

The Second Type 054A/P Guided Missile Stealth Warship was launched back on January 29, 2020. CHINA’s State Owned Shipbuilding Giant Hudong-Zhonghua Shipbuilding held a steel cutting ceremony for the third and fourth Type 054A/P Stealth Warship for PAKISTAN back on November 1, 2019.

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The Type 054A/P Jiangkai II-Class Guided Missile Stealth Warship is technologically most advanced and lethal surface combatant vessel ever built by PAKISTAN Iron Brother CHINA.

The Type 054A/P is basically an advanced version of the CHINESE-made Type 054 advanced Guided Missile Destroyer, which has already entered into service with CHINESE PEOPLE’S LIBERATION ARMY NAVY (PLAN) back in 2007.

Currently, CHINESE PEOPLE’S LIBERATION ARMY NAVY (PLAN) is operating a fleet of the total 27 numbers of Type 054 Guided Missile Warships in its fleet.

The Type 054A/P is basically the modernized and upgraded version of with the inclusion of advanced Sensors, Radars and Weapons. Moreover, the construction of the hull of Type 054A/P is based on stealth technology featuring sloped sides with reduced superstructure to minimize the radar cross-section.

The Type 054A/P is packed with the lethal Surface, Sub-surface, Anti-Surface, Anti-Submarine Warfare capabilities.

The Advanced Guided Missile Stealth Warship comes with the dedicated stern flight deck and a hangar fully capable to accommodate a Harbin Z-9C Anti-Submarine Warfare (ASW) Helicopter of Kamov KA-28 helix Helicopter.

The addition of Type 054A/P Jiangkai II-Class Stealth Warship will provide the much needed offensive counter-punch to PAKISTAN NAVAL FLEET against the arch rival of both Iron Brothers PAKISTAN and CHINA, india.

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Weaponry of PAKISTAN Type 054A/P Guided-Missile Stealth Warship:

  1. 32 x Cell Vertical Launching System (VLS)
  2. 8 x C-803 Land Attack / Anti-Ship Cruise Missiles (LA / ASCM)
  3. YU-8 Anti-Submarine Rocket Launcher
  4. 12 x Type 87 240mm Anti-Submarine Rocket Launcher (36 Rockets Carried)
  5. 2 x Type 1130 30mm Close In Weapon System (CIWS)
  6. YU-7 Anti-Submarine Warfare (ASW) Torpedo Launchers
  7. 1 x Pj26 76mm Dual-Purpose Naval Gun
  8. 2 x 726-4 18-Tube Decoy Rocket Launchers


Sensors and Radar Options of PAKISTAN Type 054A/P Guided-Missile Stealth Warship:

  1. 1 x Type 344 Multifunctional Fire Control Radar
  2. 4 x Type 345 Fire-control Radar to guide the HQ-7 Short Range SAM
  3. 1 x MGK-335 Medium Frequency Active/Passive Sonar System
  4. 1 x MR-36A Surface Search Radar
  5. 2 x Racal RM-1290 Navigation Radars
  6. A x H/SJG-206 Towed Array Sonar
  7. 1 x HN-900 Datalink Option
  8. 1 x ZKJ-4B/6 Combat Data System (Developed from Thomson-CSF TAVITAC Combat System)
  9. 1 x AKD5000S KU Band SATCOM
  10. 1 x SNTI-240 SATCOM Communication System
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General Specifications of Type 054 A/P Guided-Missile Stealth Warship:

  1. Total Length of Type 054A/P Warship: 134.1 meters
  2. Loaded Displacement: 4,053 Tones
  3. Crew Capacity: 165 People
  4. Top Speed of Type 054A/P Warship: 28 Knots (50 Kilometers)
  5. Maximum Cruising Range: 8,025 Nautical Miles (14,682 Kilometers)
  6. Propulsion: Combined Diesel and Diesel (CODAD)
  7. Engines: 4 Numbers of SEMT Pielstick 16 PA6V-280 STC Diesel Engines, each developing 5,700 kW (7,600 hp)

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