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PAKISTAN Gearing Up To Export Widely Acclaimed JF-17 Thunder Aircrafts To Four Different Countries:

More Blessings to the Great PAKISTANI Nation, as PAKISTAN is gearing up to Export PAKISTAN’s Indigenous and Widely Acclaimed 4.5++ Generation JF-17 Thunder Aircraft to four different countries. The JF-17 Thunder Aircraft Fighter, jointly produced by PAKISTAN and CHINA, is now acting as the backbone of PAKISTAN AIR DEFENSE requirements.

PAKISTAN And CHINA Shorten The Production Line Of JF-17 Thunder Jet To 15 Days
PAKISTAN And CHINA Shorten The Production Line Of JF-17 Thunder Jet To 15 Days

According to the reports from different reliable sources, PAKISTAN is all set to export its Indigenous star fighter to four different countries.

Interestingly, this time PAKISTAN is gearing up to explore the Export Markets of JF-17 Thunder Aircraft mainly in indian neighborhood that is causing sleepless nights for its terror sponsored neighbor.

Moreover, PAKISTAN is also making expand progress to cut defense deals with the Several African countries, which are considered as the traditional defense partner of india.

Reports from reliable sources revealed that PAKISTAN has started circling india by selling its Advanced Military Hardware to indian neighborhood countries.

PAKISTAN has already supplied an undisclosed number of JF-17 Thunder Aircrafts to india’s neighbor Myanmar. Now, PAKISTAN is all set to export it’s indigenous and widely acclaimed 4.5++ Gen Fighter Aircraft to Nigeria.

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It is important to mention that Nigeria is African Country and is considered as the oldest and largest Defense Partner of india in the whole Africa. Furthermore, PAKISTAN is also gearing up to Export the JF-17 Thunder Fighter Jets to its Friendly Countries Azerbaijan and Malaysia in coming years.

Nigeria is a friendly country of PAKISTAN and it has already initially bought three numbers of JF-17 Thunder Aircraft from PAKISTAN and now Nigeria is looking to buy more Aircraft from PAKISTAN in future.

Top Defense Analysts are observing that one of the best features of PAKISTAN’s Indigenous 4.5++ JF-17 Thunder Fighter Aircrafts are their unmatched features as advanced avionics, hardware, electronics, armament and above that, its affordability.

The PAKISTAN Myanmar deal of JF-17 Thunder Aircrafts gained immense publicity and it encouraged the other budget-friendly countries to seek interest in JF-17 Thunder Aircrafts.

PAKISTAN has also rolled out the Block-3 Variant of JF-17 Thunder Aircrafts and displayed in the International Paris Air Show back in June, 2019, which acclaimed huge interest from several countries due to its advanced features.

Several countries showed great interest in PAKISTAN’s JF-17 Thunder Block-3 Fighter Aircraft, including Malaysia and Nigeria, which have now cut the defense deal with PAKISTAN for the procurement of Aircrafts.

It is worth mentioning that JF-17 is PAKISTAN’s most advanced indigenous Fighter Aircraft till date, which is equipped with modern avionics, electronics, hardware, armament and it is also equipped with the state of the art Active Electronically Passive Aray Radar System (AESA).

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With all these advancements and upgradations, the JF-17 Thunder Block-3 can easily compete the US F-16 V Fighter Aircraft with ease.

PAKISTAN has also started the mass production of JF-17 Thunder Block-3 Variant and it will be presented for sale to other countries in 2020.

Top Defense Sources reveal that PAKISTAN has also already set the goal to surpass the $1 Billion mark annual sales for its defense exports and the largest share of that amount would be shared with the sales JF-17 Thunder Aircrafts.

Reports from reliable sources suggested that with the Technological Assistance from PAKISTAN’s All-Weather Ally CHINA, PAKISTAN is now focusing on manufacturing the Main Battle Tanks, Armored Vehicles and other military hardware and equipment for its land-based forces.

In a bid to improve the domain of its industrial base, PAKISTAN has already corporatized the Heavy Industries Taxila (HIT) back in September. PAKISTAN’s this step is widely acclaimed by the Defense circles, as this step will help to Company to go for Joint Ventures and Partnership with other companies and countries to boost its defense sales.

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Furthermore, PAKISTAN also focuses on to improve its defense industrial base for its Naval Forces.

PAKISTAN has now started the indigenous manufacturing of state of the art and cutting-edge Corvettes, Frigates, Submarines, Warships, Bollard Pull Pusher Tugs, Research Vessels under the Transfer of Technology Agreement from TURKEY and CHINA. With all those advancements, PAKISTAN is all set for the much awaited expansion and innovation for its Naval Forces.

PAK NAVY Bollard Pusher Pull Tugs
PAK NAVY Bollard Pusher Pull Tugs

Top Defense Officials suggested that CHINA, TURKEY and Other Friendly countries have provided crucial Technological and Hardware Assistance in helping PAKISTAN to develop its own Defense Industrial Base, so that the country can save Billions of Dollars in investing expensive military hardware from other countries, and it will also help to significantly boost the economy of the country with defense sales.

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