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PAKISTAN NAVY Participates In 8th Multinational Special Operation Exercise NUSRET 2021 At Çanakkale In TURKEY:

PAKISTAN NAVY participated in the 8th Multinational Special Operations Exercise named as NUSRET 2021 held at Çanakkale in TURKEY on Monday, Nov 1st, 2021, PAKISTAN NAVY Media Wing Head Director General Public Relations PAKISTAN NAVY Rear Admiral Naeem Sarwar said in an official statement. 

According to the details released by the PAKISTAN NAVY Media Wing Head, the DGPR NAVY, PAKISTAN NAVY Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) team participated in the NUSRET 2021 Multinational NAVAL Drills under the auspices of the TURKISH Authorities and TURKISH NAVY.

“PAKISTAN NAVY participated in 8th multinational special operations exercise ‘NUSRET 2021’ at Canakkale, TURKEY. PN Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) team participated along with teams of other countries under the auspices of Turkish authorities,” DGPR NAVY said.

Teams from 13 countries are participating in the NUSRET 2021 Multinational Drills, including the three Iron Brothers TURKEY, PAKISTAN, AZERBAIJAN, Libya, Oman, Iraq, Bangladesh, Republic of Korea, Tanzania, Romania, Bulgaria, Germany and Belgium.

The representatives from the NATO Centre for Maritime Research and Experimentation and NATO Mine Counter Measure (MCM) Group both also participate in the Multinational NAVAL Drills in TURKEY dubbed as NUSRET 2021.

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The Multinational NAVAL Exercise NUSRET 2021aimed to exchange the professional expertise and enhance the interoperability between the participant countries in the domain of Special Operation Force (SOF).

“The exercise was designed to exchange professional expertise in Special Operation Forces (SOF) domain. The aim of exercise was to developed synergy, strengthen military relationships and enhance interoperability among Special Operation Forces of participating countries,” DGPR NAVY added in the statement.

This is the aim of the exercise is to strengthen the military to military relationship, developed synergy and enhance the interoperability among the Special Operations Forces (SOF) of all the participating countries.

The NUSRET 2021 Multinational NAVAL Drills focused on several marine operations, including the Mine Counter Measure and Underwater EOD Operations in the Maritime Domain.

The professional experience and exchange of views gained during the multinational Naval Drills NUSRET 2021 would be used in the conduct of Joint Operations against common threats and enemies. Furthermore, it will also strengthen the Defense and Security Cooperation between the participating countries.

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