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PAKISTAN NAVY Ship PNS NASR Pays Farewell Visit To Mombasa Port In Kenya As Part Of Overseas Deployment To Africa:

PAKISTAN NAVY Ship PNS NASR paid a goodwill visit to Mombasa port in Kenya as part of the ongoing Overseas Deployment to Africa (OSD), PAKISTAN NAVY Media Wing Head DGPR NAVY Rear Admiral Arshid Javed said in an official statement.

According to the details released by the PAKISTAN NAVY Media Wing DG PR NAVY, Earlier upon arrical at the Kenyan Mombasa Port, the PAKISTAN NAVY Ship PNS NASR was warmly greeted, welcomed and received by the High Commissioner of PAKISTAN to Kenya, PAKISTAN Defense Advisor and host Naval Officials.

During the stay at Mombasa Port in Kenya, the Mission Commander of PAKISTAN NAVY Ship PNS NASR held important meetings with the Commander Kenyan Navy, Deputy Governor or Mombasa and Principal Secretary for Defense.

Mission Commander of PNS NAVY Ship held important meeting Commander Kenyan Navy
Mission Commander of PNS NAVY Ship held important meeting Commander Kenyan Navy
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During the interactions, matters pertaining to mutual interest and recent regional security came under discussion. Both the sides agreed on further enhance the Bilateral Defense and Security relations between the both Brother ISLAMIC Countries.

On the occasion, the mission commander of PAKISTAN NAVY visiting Ship PNS NASR also appraised the dignitaries on the deteriorating human rights situation and gross human rights violations and barbaric crimes being perpetrated by the coward indian security forces against then civilized and unarmed KASHMIRI Brethren.

The Mission Commander highlighted illegality of illegally indian occupied Jammu & Kashmir (iIOJ&K) and the desperate indian attempt to change the disputed status of indian occupied Kashmir as declared by the United Nations.

Earlier, during the deployment, PAKISTAN NAVY ship PNS NASR encircled the African continent and visited various African Countries, including Sudan, Djibouti and Benin.

During the visits, the PAKISTAN NAVY Ship gifted the food and humanitarian aid as a gesture of solidarity and friendship from the people of PAKISTAN to the people of all African countries.

Mission Commander of PNS Held important meetings with Top Kenyan Leadership
Mission Commander of PNS Held important meetings with Top Kenyan Leadership
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It is pertinent to mention that PAKISTAN NAVY ongoing expedition of Overseas Deployment to Africa is in line with the Engage Africa Policy by the Government of PAKISTAN with an aim to seek new avenues of bilateral cooperation, strengthening the Bilateral Ties and to develop the interoperability with the African countries.

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