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PAKISTAN To Host Historic AMAN-2021 Multinational NAVAL DRILLS Featuring Russia and NATO Countries For First Time In A Decade:

In a major development, PAKISTAN to host the Historic AMAN-2021 Multinational NAVAL DRILLS in which Friendly Russian Navy will participate along with NATO Countries for the very first time in a decade. The historic Naval Exercise AMAN-2021 will start in PAKISTANI Waters in the Arabian Sea.

PAKISTAN Russia China Anti US Bloc

According to the details, the Russian Navy’s Black Sea Fleet has confirmed its participation in the AMAN-2021.

This is the very first time in a decade that the Russian Navy is participating in a Multinational Naval Drills with the NATO Countries. All the credit goes to PAKISTAN, who has successfully managed to make the arrangements for the upcoming edition of AMAN-2021 Naval Exercise.

The AMAN-2021 Multinational Naval Drills is going to held at Off Karachi, Port between 11 – 16 Feb of next year.

Last time, Russian and NATO Naval Forces together performed a drill at the Bold Monarch in 2011 off the coast of Spain. Since then, the naval forces of Russia and NATO haven’t perform any bilateral drills together before. Now, the NATO and Russia Naval Forces will performed dills together in the next edition of PAKISTAN led Historic AMAN-2021 Multinational Naval Drills.

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So far, up to 30 countries have confirmed their participation in the upcoming edition of the AMAN-2021 Multinational Naval Drills. The names of some of these countries are TURKEY, CHINA, Malaysia, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Japan, UK and US.

The Russian Defense Ministry has confirmed that Russian Navy Black Sea Fleet will participate in the exercise. The fleet will comprise of state of the art Russian Navy Frigate, a Rescue Tug, a Marine Corps Unit, a Patrol Ship, Sea-based Helicopter and a Demining Naval Squad.

The Russian Ministry has released the statement ‘Initiators of practicing joint actions were the Naval Forces of the ISLAMIC REPUBLIC OF PAKISTAN, on whose territory an international exercise will take place.’

“The AMAN-2021 anti-piracy drills will involve British, US, TURKISH, CHINESE, Japanese and other forces,” the Russian Defense Ministry added.

The basic aim of the exercise to improve the interoperability and strengthen the Military Cooperation between the Naval Forces of the participating countries in the exercise to maintain security and stability at sea. Moreover, the Naval Forces will also share their valuable experience with each other to counter the threats of sea piracy in the areas of exclusive maritime zones and intensive shipping.

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The AMAN-2021 Multinational Naval Exercise will focus on combatting piracy at sea to ensure the unimpeded navigation.

It is pertinent to mention that AMAN Naval Drills started by PAKISTAN back in 2007. The AMAN-2021 Naval Drills have now earned the distinction of being the rare mega Naval event, which helps to bring together those specific countries that have no friendly ties with each other.

The next year edition of AMAN-2021 Multinational Naval Drills would act as a milestone in the PAKISTAN-RUSSIA Relations, as both the old cold war rivals, are now courageously heading towards the All Weather strategic partners of future. This courageous cooperation of both the friendly countries, PAKISTAN and RUSSIA, and it will also help to start a new chapter and era together in the emerging Multipolar World Order.

From the Russian Perspective, the dramatic improvement of relations between PAKISTAN and RUSSIA, will allow Moscow to play its perfect and sensitive due balancing role in Eurasia.

The vision of Russian President Vladimir Putin of a Great Eurasian Partnership is incomplete without the proper participation from PAKISTANI side, as it is also impossible to synergize the Eurasian Union with Belt and Road Initiative by completely Sidelining PAKISTAN.

Now, PAKISTAN hosts the flagship of the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) project under the Umbrella of CHINA PAKISTAN Economic Corridor (CPEC). The proposals of PAKISTAN to synergize and integrate CPEC with the Western CPEC (W-CPEC), Southern CPEC (S-CPEC) and Northern CPEC (C-CPEC) also incomplete without the proper participation of Russia.

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It is an undeniable fact that both the friendly countries, PAKISTAN and RUSSIA, need one another to embrace long term Defense and Economic projects. It is a matter of fact that the global geostrategic significance of PAKISTAN is increasing tremendously and Russia doesn’t want to be left out by missing this ‘Golden Opportunity.’

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