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Ajmer Ghazwa E Hind 3D Lapel Pin


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Ajmer Ghazwa E Hind 3D Lapel Pin:

Ajmer Ghazwa E Hind 3D Lapel Pin is another innovative and top of the line patriotic product offered by the one and only official website of PAKDEFENSE. The Ajmer Ghazwa E Hind 3D Lapel Pin, as the name clearly suggests, is a top quality and extreme detail rich 3D Lapel Pin of Ghazwa E Hind Series and it named as Ajmer.

Brief History of Ajmer Sharif:

As, you already know that Ajmer has always been the strategic city for all the soldiers of the ongoing and upcoming Ghazwa E Hind. The coward hindu rajputs under the command of Prithvi Raj Chohan oppressed the innocent people of the land which mainly consisted of Muslims and waiting for their ultimate savior that helps them to free.

The Mujahid of ISLAM Shahabuddin Ghauri  saw a dream that the Saint Khawaja Moinuddin Chishti (R.A) is inviting the Shahabuddin Ghauri to lead an attack on Ajmer Sharif and liberate the people of that land which were suffering badly under the command of coward hindu rajputs. After waking up, Shahabuddin Ghauri immediately makes the necessary arrangements to start a fresh attack on the Prithvi Raj Chohan and his coward forces.

After launching an attack, Shahabuddin Ghauri didn’t get full success and he lost the first battle of Terrain. Still Shahabuddin Ghauri has enough courage, zeal and fervor to deal the hindu rajputs with an iron hand and for this purpose, He joined hands with the Great Turkish General Qutbuddin Aibek. Both the great ISLAMIC Military Chief Shahabuddin Ghauri and Qutbuddin Aibek manage to defeat the evil, brutal and coward forces of hindu rajput.

Both the great Muslim Military Generals managed not only to create First Muslim Sultanate in Ajmeer Sharif, but they also managed to drag and humiliate the Prithvi Raj Chohan into chains before killing him brutally.

Now, as the time of Ghazwa E Hind is arriving gradually, the team of PAKDEFENSE believes that in this sacred battle of Ghazwa E Hind, the brave and lionhearted security forces of PAKISTAN especially the SSG will conquer all the India and will erect and wave the Sacred Green Crescent Flag on the top of Delhi’s Lal Qilla. Next, the brave security forces of PAKISTAN will then move towards Ajmer Sharif and will pay the Thanking Victory Prayer and then, they will totally abolish the Jain Temple to extend the vicinity of Qut’b Minar, ALLAH O AKBAR!

This sacred gift of Ajmer Ghazwa E Hind 3D Lapel Pin can be seen as a very small tribute to the upcoming holy wars that has to be lead by PAKISTAN Security Forces, INSHALLAH.

The Ajmer Ghazwa E Hind 3D Lapel Pin is manufactured from the top of the line quality material to ensure the quality and durability of the product. The Ajmer Ghazwa E Hind 3D Lapel Pin is painted in beautiful a combination of Golden and Dark Green Color, the dark green color is the same that is used in the sacred flag of PAKISTAN.

All the customers can easily use the Ajmer Ghazwa E Hind 3D Lapel Pin on almost any type of casual or formal clothing including the Sherwani, Pant Coat, Pant Shirt, Jackets, Hats, Hoodies, Caps and so on.

The overall process for placing the order of this unique product is quite easy and simple. All you have to do is to just log in to the official website of the PAKDEFENSE and after that, you can easily place an order of your favorite product(s).

Just purchase now the Ajmer Ghazwa E Hind 3D Lapel Pin and be the soldier of the upcoming HOLY WAR OF GHAZWA E HIND, ALLAH O AKBAR!

Additional Specifications of the Ajmer Ghazwa E Hind 3D Lapel Pin:

  1. Premium quality Ajmer Ghazwa E Hind 3D Lapel Pin
  2. Supreme Quality
  3. Dedicated to the upcoming war of GHAZWA E HIND
  4. Features extreme 3D Features
  5. Painted in beautiful Golden and Dark Green Color
  6. Easy to use
  7. Lightweight
  8. Durable

Box Contains:

1 x Ajmer Ghazwa E Hind 3D Lapel Pin

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