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Al Aqsa Route Pack


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Al Aqsa Route Pack:

The Al Aqsa Route Pack is another premium quality patriotic pack presented by the official website of PAKDEFENSE. The Al Aqsa Route Pack, as the name clearly indicates, is a premium quality pack of Ghazwa E Hind that contains all the four variants of Ghazwa E Hind altogether in a pack.

Brief History of Al Aqsa and Ghazwa E Hind:

The team of PAKDEFENSE believes when the security forces of PAKISTAN capture the Whole India including Delhi, then the great strategic city of Ajmer Sharif will witness the cleansing of filth of Hindutva and vicinity of the QUT’B Minar will be extended by abolishing the Jain Temple.

The Brave and lionhearted Security Forces of PAKISTAN, including the Special Services Group Commandos will take full control and secure the complete route till Khurasan and then the security forces of PAKISTAN will make their way towards Westwards to annihilate the enemies. The security forces of PAKISTAN will have to complete support of Patriotic Brothers of Tajik and Afghans. When the Land of Khurasan will be liberated, then the both land of Khurasan Hind and Khurasan will merge to establish a Sultanate of ISLAMIC EMPIRE.

In the next phase, the lionhearted security forces of PAKISTAN will be called by their TURK Brothers to assist in the liberation of the region from the illegal occupation of zionist jews. The brave PAKSITANI Security Forces will then join their hands with their TURKS and CHECHEN Brothers and will fight a decisive war with the enemy in which the Muslim Forces will be would be victorious.

The Black Storks Commandos of SSG will start reaching the UMMAYAD MOSQUE along with the other warriors of TURK, AFGHAN, TAJIK and IRAN decent. The other brotherly ARAB countries will add their share in the war to fight a decisive final third war in Damascus before moving downward to the Golan Heights which is located at the border of Present Day Syria and israel.

The strategic city of Damascus will come into light, as it will help to hold the entire Muslim UMMA. The West Bank and AlQuds Sharif will soon be liberated by the unstoppable fighting force of MUSLIM Countries, including PAKISTAN and all the enemy forces will fall back to Lod. Al Aqsa will be free for the last and third time and Crescent will rise on its dome, INSHALLAH.

All the Lapel Pins are made from the top quality material to ensure the survivability and durability of the product. The Al Aqsa Route Pack is designed to use with almost any type of casual or formal dressing, including the Pant Shirt, Shalwar Kameez, Jackets, Hats and so on.

If you have made up your mind to purchase the top of the line Al Aqsa Route Pack, then all you have to do is to just log on to the official website of the PAKDEFENSE and after that you can place an order of any of your desired product(s) with ease.

Additional Specifications of the Al Aqsa Route Pack:

  1. Top quality Al Aqsa Route Pack
  2. Premium quality
  3. Consists of all variants of Ghazwa E Hind Series
  4. Made from top of the line metal piece
  5. Easy to use
  6. Durable
  7. Lightweight

Package Contains:

1 x AlQuds Sharif Ghazwa E Hind 3D Lapel Pin

1 x Ajmer Sharif Ghazwa E Hind 3D Lapel Pin

1 x Khurasan Ghazwa E Hind 3D Lapel Pin

1 x Damascus Ghazwa E Hind 3D Lapel Pin

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