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Hayder Al Quds 3D Lapel Pin


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Hayder Al Quds 3D Lapel Pin:

The Hayder Al Quds 3D Lapel Pin is another top of the line quality product offered by the PAKDEFENSE. The Hayder Al Quds 3D Lapel Pin is a unique and an innovative 3D Lapel Pin that you probably never heard about or seen anywhere before.

The Hayder Al Quds 3D Lapel Pin, as the name clearly suggests, is a top quality patriotic that is designed from the unique blend of PAKISTAN and TURKEY heritage. The Hayder Al Quds 3D Lapel Pin consists of the combination of the PAKISTAN Highest Military Award Nishan E Haider, Ottoman Empire’s Last Glorious Medal known as The Gallipoli Star and the renowned deadliest Zulfiqar Sword 3D Lapel Pin.

The Al Quds was first time liberated by Hazrat Umar in 637, the same was liberated third time by the famous feared Muslim fighter Salahuddin Ayyubi in 1187. Al Quds will now be liberated from the occupation of third time INSHALLAH by the support of the security forces of PAKISTAN, TURKEY and other Muslim countries. This battle would be led by the Guidance and Supervision of Hazrat Essa (A.S) in which the final victory would belong to Muslims, INSHALLAH. The fate of this destiny has already been written and is waiting for the suitable time to fulfill it.

It means that if you purchase the Hayder, then you are purchasing the blend of all three valor Emblems. The Hayder Al Quds 3D Lapel Pin is designed to use with both the casual and formal clothing of nearly all types as the Waist Coat, Shalwar Qameez, Sherwani, Caps, Hats, Pant Coats and so on.

The overall process for placing the order of the Hayder Al Quds 3D Lapel Pin is quite simple and easy. All you have to do is to just add your desired product(s) in the cart and after that you just have to enter your detail required for shipping the product. Our shipping department will try its level best to deliver your desired product at your mentioned address in the minimal possible time frame.

Additional Specifications of the Hayder Bronze 3D Lapel Pin:

  1. State of the art unique Glorious blended patriotic product
  2. Consists of the blending of the Ottoman Empire’s Last Glorious Medal The Gallipoli Star, PAKISTAN’s highest Military Award Nishan E Haider and the Zulfiqar Sword 3D
  3. Crafted from the state of the art material
  4. Painted in beautiful Bronze Color
  5. Premium and finest quality
  6. Suitable to use on casual and formal clothing
  7. Durable
  8. Reliable
  9. Easy to use
  10. Portable
  11. Lightweight

Package Contains:

1 x Hayder Bronze 3D Lapel Pin

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