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Markhor Master Collection Pack


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Markhor Master Collection Pack:

The Markhor Master Collection Pack is another top of the line patriotic product of PAKDEFENSE.OFFICIAL. The Markhor Master Collection Pack, as the name clearly suggests, is a state of the art collection of 8 different Pieces of Markhors.

These 8 Pieces Markhor includes the Markhor Northern Command Ash Silver, Makhor Siachin Frosted, Markhor Matt Golden, Markhor Antique Golden, Markhor Reedakh Shinny Silver, Markhor Shiny Golden, Markhor Copper Golden and Markhor Bronze.

All of the Markhor 3D Lapel pins are made from the top of the line quality materials and designed to use on nearly all types of casual and formal clothes.

Let’s buy the Markhor Master Collection Pack and be a frontline soldier to kill the raw snakes…

Additional Specifications of the Markhor Master Collection Pack:

  1. Top quality Markhor Collection Pack
  2. Contains 8 different pieces of Markhor’s
  3. Made from finest quality material
  4. Portable
  5. Lightweight

Package Contains:

1 x Markhor Reedakh Shinny Silver

1 x Markhor Northern Command Ash Silver

1 x Markhor Matt Golden

1 x Markhor Siachin Frosted

1 x Markhor Antique Golden

1 x Markhor Shiny Golden

1 x Markhor Copper Golden

1 x Markhor Bronze

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