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PAKISTAN Outlines Plans To Revive And Boost Defense Exports:

The Government of PAKISTAN is planning a massive new level initiative for the boost, revival and restarting of PAKISTAN’s Military Industrial Complex that was impacted severely by the Covid-19 pandemic.

PAKISTAN Outlines Plans To Revive And Boost Defense Exports
PAKISTAN Outlines Plans To Revive And Boost Defense Exports

The Ministry of Defense Production of PAKISTAN (MoDP) issued a detailed report last month highlighting the new rules, offsets and policies to boost the Defense Production of Country.

Furthermore, MoDP also proposes for a complete internal restructuring and revamp in order to make the organization more viable and efficient than before.

The Ministry of Defense Production (MoDP) is also looking to massively involve the private sector investments, joint collaborations and joint ventures of private sector in the domain of Defense Manufacturing.

MoDP said in its newly published reports, “‘Two years performance report’ that in line with Government targets it is committed to supporting the development of an “internationally competitive defense production sector”.

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The proposed massive internal restructuring will significantly help the Premier State-owned Defense Enterprises and it will also help to give greater independent control over the organization.

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Reportedly, the decision of massive internal restructuring is triggered by the growing requirements to reduce reliance on foreign aid for Defense Products and Requirements, to increase the employment opportunities in the organizations and to fulfill the domestic Defense related Required of Tri-ARMED FORCES of PAKISTAN.

The Ministry of Defense Production of PAKISTAN (MoDP) has previously said that it has already prepared the basic policy and offset draft, outlining Defense manufacturing targets and capabilities by using the Military Industrial Base.

The formal policy will be released soon after the necessary amendments and changes for approval. Furthermore, the offset and draft policy, which is still in its final stages, has also been shared with various stakeholders for the proper feedback.

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Reportedly, the proposed policy is decided after the consultation with the PAKISTAN’s Defense Procurement Agency, the Directorate General Defense Purchase (DGDP), which operates as an independent department in the Ministry of Defense Production (MoDP) in PAKISTAN.

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