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PAKISTAN Is Developing An Indigenous Hypersonic Cruise Missile:

Reports from reliable sources are suggested that PAKISTAN is developing an indigenous version of Hypersonic Cruise Missile. PAKISTAN’s next generation Hypersonic Cruise Missile would be powered by the revolutionary and cutting-edge Scramjet Engine.

PAKISTAN Next Generation Hypersonic Cruise Missile
PAKISTAN Next Generation Hypersonic Cruise Missile

The recent report came after the arch rival country of both PAKISTAN and CHINA, india has made advancement in developing the Hypersonic Cruise Missile.

Hypersonic Cruise Missiles are a basically a new generation of Cruise Missiles designed to reach an unbelievably high speed at an unpredictable trajectory that makes it almost every existing Air Defense system in the world, including the S-400, impossible to track and destroy the incoming missiles.

There are only three countries in the world that have the possession of Hypersonic Cruise Missiles, as PAKISTAN’s Iron Brother CHINA, Russia and the United States. Reportedly, PAKISTAN would be the fourth country of the World to possess high-tech and advanced Hypersonic Cruise Missiles in the coming months.

The arch rival of both CHINA and PAKISTAN, india is reportedly acquiring the S-400 Air Defense System from Russia in the next couple of years. So, the significance of PAKISTAN’s Hypersonic Cruise Missile has emerged ever than before because PAKISTAN would still have the ability to strike at the core and of indian cities in case of potential war despite the activation of the S-400 Air Defense System.

The developing of Hypersonic Cruise Missile is a very complex process, because due to the issues with the engine cooling and the use of heat resistant materials in the missile.

Reportedly, PAKISTAN is aggressively working on the program to develop indigenous Hypersonic Cruise Missile sooner than later. PAKISTAN’s next generation Hypersonic Cruise Missile would be powered by the Scramjet Engine.

Scramjet is a powerful engine, which is also known from other word as Supersonic Combustion Ramjet, is a revolutionary and integral component responsible to fire cruise missiles to reach the Hypersonic Speed in nanoseconds.

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Earlier in June 2020, PAKISTAN’s All Weather Ally and Iron Brother CHINA has made significant advancement in developing a new generation and the type of Scramjet Engine that can easily run continuously for up to 600 seconds in a ground test.

Scramjet Engine Working
Scramjet Engine Working Methodology

This Scramjet Engine has also broken the record of 210 seconds made by the US X-51 aircraft.

Apart from having astonishingly high speeds and having an unpredictable trajectory, the overall size and weight of the Hypersonic Cruise Missile are smaller, thus allow the missile to be stealthier and more lethal than that of conventional cruise missiles.

Top Defense Analysts are suggesting that PAKISTAN’s might be getting technological assistance from its Iron Brother and All Weather Ally, CHINA, for developing its indigenous Hypersonic Cruise Missile.

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Having said that, PAKISTAN’s capability and possession of Next Generation Hypersonic Cruise Missile would significantly hurt the enemies of PAKISTAN, including india, for the years to come and that’s for sure.

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