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Patriot Defender Pack Silver


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If you are looking to purchase the top quality products from an online store, then one such an online store that deals in premium quality Patriotic Product is the PAKDEFENSE. The name of the new Patriotic Product offered by the company named as the Patriot Defender Pack Silver.

The Patriot Defender Pack Silver, as the name indicates, is basically a collection of seven different 3D Lapel Pin and Badges designed to use with both formal and casual dressings with ease. The name of the products included in the Patriot Defender Pack Silver are QUAID E AZAM 3D Lapel Pin Silver, AZEEM PARCHAM 3D Lapel Pin, Ghazi Son Savas Silver, Watan Salamat 3D Lapel Pin Red,  Markhor Silver 3D Lapel Pin, Zarrar Watan Salamat 3D Lapel Pin Silver and Sherdils 3D Lapel Pin in Silver Color.

All the Sacred Patriotic Products are made from the top quality Zinc Alloy Metal and all the cutting and engraving of the metal is done with the help of cutting-edge laser machines. The Patriot Defender Pack Silver is a collection of 7 different patriotic products that can also be given to others as a gift.

The Patriot Defender Pack Silver is the one of the hottest and most loved Combo Pack design for Self Uses and can also be given as a gift to others. All the Lapel Pin and Badges featuring the detail rich 3D Features and some of the badges and lapel pins have never been designed and manufacture in any part of the world before.

The overall process for placing the order of this top quality product, then all you have to do is to log on to the official website of the PAKDEFENSE.com and after that you can place any of your desired product(s) with ease. Finally, you just have to fill the order form with the required details that will enable our Shipping Team to dispatch your product at your given address with ease.

Additional Specifications of the Patriot Defender Pack Silver:

  1. Top quality Patriot Defender Pack Silver
  2. First time ever in PAKISTAN
  3. Premium quality patriotic pack
  4. Consists of 7 different patriotic 3D Lapel Pin and Badges
  5. Comes in Silver variant
  6. Lightweight
  7. Portable
  8. Durable

Package Contains:

1 x QUAID E AZAM 3D Lapel Pin Silver

1 x AZEEM PARCHAM 3D Lapel Pin

1 x Ghazi Son Savas Silver

1 x Watan Salamat 3D Lapel Pin Red

1 x Markhor Silver 3D Lapel Pin

1 x Zarrar Watan Salamat 3D Lapel Pin Silver

1 x Sherdils 3D Lapel Pin in Silver Color

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