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Akhnoor Ambush Pack


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The Akhnoor Ambush Pack is another top quality Patriotic Combo Pack offered by the PAKDEFENSE.OFFICIAL. The Akhnoor Ambush Pack is basically a collection of seven different articles. These articles include the Love Protect PAKISTAN Patch, Markhor Lapel Pin Golden, Shedills 3D Lapel Pin Silver, Ghazi Khilji 3D Lapel Pin, Zarrar M4 Lapel Pin, Carabiner 5 in 1 Knife and Allen Gun Cleaning Tool with Copper Brush.

The Akhnoor Ambush Pack mission is to enter deep behind enemy lines and wait for the moment to ambush and destroy the coward indian forces. This battle fought by the Ghazi Khilji who don’t enter any battlefield to return alive and their primary mission is to get SHAHADAT in the way of ALLAH ALMIGHTY.

All the articles are made from the top of the line and top quality material to ensure the durability and reliability of the product. The Sherdills 3D lapel Pin comes in the Appealing Silver Color, the Markhor Lapel Pin Comes in Golden Color, the Ghazi Khilji comes in beautiful Golden Color, the Zarrar M4 Carbine Rifle 3D Lapel Pin comes in Golden Color and the Love PROTECT PAKISTAN Patch comes in beautiful and appealing Green Color.

The Akhnoor Ambush Pack also accompanied by the dedicated Allen Gun Cleaning Tool Set that allows the Diehard Patriot Gun Owners to easily maintain and take care of their Guns with the help of this universal Gun Cleaning Kit. It is a fact that Proper maintenance of the Gun is very important and without proper gun cleaning and maintenance, the gun can prove the very dangerous for the owner itself.

If you are interested to purchase this top quality Akhnoor Ambush Pack, then you just have to log on to the official website of PAKISTAN as the www.PAKDEFENSE.com and after that you can place an order of this or any other of your desired product with ease.

Additional Specifications of the Akhnoor Ambush Pack:

  1. Top quality Akhnoor Ambush Pack
  2. Consists of 7 different articles
  3. Premium Quality Pack
  4. Consists of dedicated Gun Cleaning Kit, 5 in 1 Knife, Patches and 3D Lapel Pin
  5. Designed to use with both casual and formal dressings
  6. Lightweight
  7. Durable
  8. Portable

Package Contains:


1 x Markhor 3D Lapel Pin Golden

1 x Sherdills 3D Lapel Pin Silver

1 x Ghazi Khilji 3D Lapel Pin Golden

1 x Zarrar M4 Carbine Rifle 3D Lapel Pin Golden

1 x Carabiner 5 in 1 Knife

1 x Allen Gun Cleaning Kit

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