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Kargil 99 Drycool T-Shirt


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Kargil 99 Drycool T-Shirt:

The Kargil 99 Drycool T-Shirt is another top quality wearable patriotic product offered by the PAKDEFENSE in collaboration with the SARRIYA’s. The Kargil 99 Drycool T-Shirt, as the name clearly indicates, is a top of the line and premium quality wearable T-Shirt that is designed only for diehard patriots of this great country.

The Kargil 99 Drycool T-Shirt is made from the top quality 220gsm material and it is tailored from the revolutionary Drycool fabric. The main quality of this fabric is that it helps to absorb the sweat quickly while you defend to sweat. The Kargil 99 Drycool T-Shirt is made from the blend of polyester and cotton that gives it a feel of soccer shirt. For more convenience; the Kargil 99 Drycool T-Shirt is available in four different sizes, so you can easily select the one that best suit your need.

If you want to purchase this shirt and further humiliate the coward indian dogs, then you can easily do so just by adding this unique patriotic product in the cart and that’s all. We will try to dispatch your desired product at your desired address without wasting a minute more.

Brief History of Kargil War 1999 and Role of Captain Karnal Sher Khan (NISHAN E HAIDER):

The Kargil 99 Drycool T-Shirt features the 99 Kargil which reminds the famous battle fought between the brave forces of PAKISTAN and its rival, the coward indians. In the war, PAKISTAN Security Forces killed the indians like the rabid dogs and the Kargil 99 Drycool T-Shirt reminds us the Gallant Soldiers of the Brave Northern Light Infantry (NLI) who not only defended each inch of their motherland, but also gained a sizeable territory from the coward indians.

When PAK SSECRITY FORCES pointed their gun toward the coward indians, then the indians began to life for their life into the base camps. The Gallant Soldier of PAKISTAN ARMY, CAPTAIN KARNAL SHER KHAN followed the coward indians into their base camp of the 8th sikh regiment and he single handedly; yes he single handedly killed countless indian dogs in their camps and afflicted severe blow to the remaining morale of the coward indian soldiers who still remember the humiliating defeat even after the 19 years and this is the reason that each coward indian dog fear stepping even an inch towards the sacred land, PAKISTAN.

CAPTAIN KARNAL SHER KHAN was awarded the highest Bravery and Gallantary Award named as the NISHAN E HAIDER. This Brave Soldier of the motherland continues to live in the heart of every citizen of PAKISTAN.

Additional Specifications of the Kargil 99 Drycool T-Shirt:

  1. Top quality wearable patriotic product
  2. Crafted from the finest material
  3. Made from the top quality 220gsm DryCool Fabric
  4. Blend of Cotton and Polyester
  5. Reminds of famous Kargil war in which PAKISTAN humiliates the indian dogs
  6. Available in 5 different sizes as small, medium large, XL and XXL
  7. Lightweight
  8. Portable

Available Sizes:

The following sizes are available. Please take a look at the sizes in order to avoid any confusion and misunderstanding.

  1. Small: For 36 – 38 Inches Waist
  2. Medium: For 38 – 40 Inches Waist
  3. Large: For 40 – 42 Inches Waist
  4. XL: For 42 – 44 Inches Waist
  5. XXL: For 44 – 46 Inches Waist

Package Contains:

1 x Kargil 99 Drycool T-Shirt

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