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CHINESE-Made Venezuelan Air Defense JY-27A Radar Detects US F-22 Stealth Jets Approaching Country’s Airspace:

Venezuelan Air Defense Forces, who have recently inducted the CHINESE-made long range anti-stealth and high frequency JY-27A Radar, has successfully detected a US F-22 Raptor Stealth Aircraft approaching the country’s airspace and foiled the attempt by sending a warning to the US stealth jet on Tuesday 12, May, 2020.

JY-27A Very High Frequency Anti-Stealth Radar

According to the details, the Venezuelan Air Defense Forces successfully foiled the attempt of US F-22 Stealth Raptor aircraft by issue a direct warning to US air force that they are ready to fire and hunt down US aircraft, if it tries to violate the country’s airspace.

Venezuelan Air Defense forces further elaborated the attempt of US air force approaching the country’s airspace as a ‘highly provocative manner’.

The recent foiled attempt of US air force F-22 aircraft follows after the May 6, 2020 botched attempt of US mercenaries hired by the US defense contractor on a covert mission to assassinate or abduct Venezuelan President Nicholas Maduro.

Venezuelan Defense Forces and Coast Guards have successfully foiled the US attempt by arresting dozens of armed personnel, including two US citizens and one of them was the former green beret commandos.

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Significance of CHINESE-Made JY-27A Long Range Anti-Stealth and High-Frequency Stealth Radar:

The CHINESE-Made JY-27A Stealth Radar is a state of the art radar that is fully capable to detect all the stealth aircraft currently used by the United States, including the F-32 Lightning II and F-22 Raptor up to 500 Kilometers radius.

CHINESE Media has reported back on February 2016, that the JY-27A Long Range Stealth Radar has successfully detected a US air force F-22 Raptor Aircraft en-route to South Korea from Japan.

CHINA has revealed the JY-27A Long Range Anti-Stealth and high frequency radar at the 2016 Zhuhai Air Show. CHINA has called the radar as the JY-27A is a three-dimensional and VHF active phased array radar.

It is worth mentioning that JY-27A VHF radar isfully capable to detect all the stealth aircraft, including the US F-35 Lightning II and F-22 Raptor, from a significant distance with the help of their longer wavelengths.

CHINA has sold the above mentioned JY-27A VHF Anti-Stealth Radar to different countries including Venezuela and Its Iron Brother and All Weather Strategic Ally, PAKISTAN.

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The news of detection US stealth aircraft by Venezuelan Air Defense Forces, if come true, then it would be a really bad news and worrying sign for the United States Air Force, as it had developed the F-35 Lightning II and F-22 Raptor Stealth aircraft with the assumption that these aircrafts cannot be tracked by any radar on the planet.

As CHINA has showcased this radar in 2016, so it would be another worrying sign for US air force, as now we are in 2020 and CHINA has already made advance progress in the detection of stealth Technology.

The JY-27A Radar can easily be mounted on the mobile platform, which also enables the user to easily transport the radar from one place to another with ease.


In August 2019, Satellite imagery revealed that CHINESE Long Range and Anti-Stealth Very High Frequency (VHF) JY-27A Radar at PAF Forward Operating Base known as M.M Alam Air Base.

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JY-27A Radar At PAKISTANI Air base
JY-27A Radar At PAKISTANI Air base

The JY-27A Radar spotted at the same PAKISTAN AIR FORCE M.M Alam Air Base, which the country selected for the operational trials of CHINESE Wing Long Armed Drone.

Neither PAKISTAN nor CHINA has confirmed the sale of JY-27A Radar and it is still not clear whether PAKISTAN has purchased the single unit or full-fledged batch of JY-27A Radar, as both the countries normally do.

Nevertheless, the JY-27 Anti-Stealth Radar will significantly help to provide a much-needed punch to country’s detection, tracking and offensive capabilities, primarily against its arch-rival india.

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