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CHINESE PLA FORCES brutally killed 56 indian soldiers, including Commanding Officer For Illegally Trespassing CHINESE Territory in Ladakh and Galwan Valley:

The coward indian forces braces more humiliations as always as CHINESE PLA forces have killed 56 indian soldiers, including an indian army commanding officer during clashes between indian forces at Ladakh and Galwan Valley.

CHINESE PLA FORCES brutally killed 56 indian soldiers, including Commanding Officer For Illegally Trespassing CHINESE Territory in Ladakh and Galwan Valley
CHINESE PLA FORCES brutally killed 56 indian soldiers, including Commanding Officer For Illegally Trespassing CHINESE Territory in Ladakh and Galwan Valley

The indian state media says that the figure are initial and the figure of casualties for indian side could go rise in the coming hours.

Furthermore, 36 indian soldiers are also went missing during the clashes they are believed to be MIA or KIA during the clashes. Another Top Defense Expert suggested that there is a huge possibility that CHINESE PLA Forces have abducted them forcefully and now india have to bear the loss of another 36 indian soldiers soon.

On the other hand, Beijing has accused the indian army of illegally trespassing CHINESE Territory of Galwan Valley and Ladakh region and they’ve also provoked the CHINESE PLA Forces by attacking them. The CHIENSE Foreign Ministry has lodged a strong protest with new delhi over the illegal trespassing of indian soldiers into the CHINESE Territory of Ladakh.

The Spokesman for CHINESE Military, Colonel Zhang Shuli said that there had been a “Fierce Physical conflict between two sides, causing heavy casualties of indian side”. Colonel Zhang has accused the indian forces of illegally trespassing the CHINESE Territory at two points in Galwan Valley and Ladakh to launch provocative attacks in CHINESE PLA forces stationed there.

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According to the details, the indian forces illegally trespassed the CHINESE Territory of Ladakh and Galwan Valley. Upon which, the CHINESE PLA Forces warns indian troops to immediately leave the CHINESE territory of Ladakh and Galwan Valley and reportedly, indian army refused to do so, which result in the clashes and more than 20 indian soldiers killed on the spot in minutes by CHINESE PLA Forces.

Editor of the leading CHINESE Global newspaper, Global Times, Hu Xijian has warned that india is playing with a fire by provoking CHINESE PLA Forces by illegally trespassing in the CHINESE Territory of Ladakh and Galwan Valley.

“I want to tell Indians: do not misjudge China’s restraint as weakness, and never be arrogant before CHINA. CHINA does not want conflict with India, but it is never afraid of conflict,” Hu Xijian further added.

Former leading Lecturer at People Liberation ARMY Rocket Force University of Engineering and a Prominent CHINESE Military affairs Expert and Analysts told the media that india is trying to “to distract from their domestic political situation.” CHINA needs to “try the best methods to resolve the issue by diplomatic means, but also prepare militarily for the worst outcome.”

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Furthermore, the CHINESE PLA Forces have also conducted the major security drills that moved hundreds of thousands of CHINESE PLA Forces from Huberi Province to a remote and distant Himalayan Mountain range.

With the help of this major exercise, CHINA sent a very strong message to india that if it dares to escalate the situation, then CHINESE PLA Forces are fully able, equipped and armed to rapidly deploy to the indian border to fight in low-oxygen and low-temperature conditions.

Top indian officials have claimed so far, they’ve received the bodies of 56 indian soldiers, who were brutally killed by the CHINESE PLA Forces during clashes at Galwan Valley and Ladakh.

Sources in the indian army have told the media on the condition of anonymity that more than 130 indian soldiers have received fatal injuries during the clashes and chances are there that the number of casualties could easily surpass the figure of 100 in the coming hours.

“CHINESE and indian troops have disengaged at the Galwan area and Ladakh, where they had earlier clashed on the night of 15/16 June 2020. 17 indian troops who were critically injured at the Line of Actual Control (LAC) and exposed to sub-zero temperatures in the high altitude terrain have succumbed to their injuries, taking the total number of people being killed to 56.”, top indian army official told the media.

The indian army, who has a history of hiding its casualties like they always do in clashes with PAKISTANI Forces, has initially claimed that one indian army officer and two indian soldiers killed during clashes between CHINESE and indian forces in the CHINESE Territory of Ladakh region and Galwan Valley.

On the other hand, the Top Military Brass of PAKISTAN, including CHAIRMAN JOINT CHIEFS OF STAFF COMMITTEE (CJCSC) General Nadeem Raza, PAKISTAN ARMY CHIEF General Qamar Javed Bajwa, PAKISTAN NAVAL CHIEF Admiral Zaffar Mehmood Abbasi and PAKISTAN AIR CHIEF Air Marshal Mujahid Anwar Khan holds important meeting at ISI HQ Islamabad. Looks like india is going to get surprise bigger than the February 27 any time soon.

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