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Coward Indian army Starts Providing Training and Weapons to Anti-Muslim RSS Criminals to Oppress Kashmiris:

The shocking revelations revealed that the coward indian soldiers are now speeding up their brutal tactics in indian Occupied Kashmir after being humiliated and ashamed in front of the whole world.

Sikhs Cutting filthy indian flag in uk
Sikhs Cutting indian flag in uk

In a recent development, the coward indian army has started to arm and train Anti-Muslim elements to oppress the innocent and unarmed Kashmiris in the indian occupied Kashmir.

The Coward indian Colonel said on the occasion, “Army regularly meets VDC members in most remote areas of Jammu. “During these interactions VDC members trained to handle weapons and they are also made aware about important aspects of surveillances.”

Reports from the Kashmir Media Service suggested that those people who are chosen for training are mostly from the hardcore and extremist Anti-Muslim factions.

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The Kashmir Media Service (KMS) has further stated that india is providing lethal rifles, pistols, grenades and other ammunition to these coward Anti-Muslim elements. Furthermore, the coward indian army is also training the Anti-Muslim elements the basic and advance firing positions and weapons repairing.

The coward indian army has started this brutal training in the name of Village Defense Committees (VDCs) in indian occupied Jammu & Kashmir region.

The coward indian colonel further said, “One such programme was organized at Samote, Rajouri, where VDC members were imparted training about weapon handling and cleaning. They were also aware about musketry, firing positions and minor repairs of weapons.”

The details of the armed training were also confirmed by the coward indian army Lt. Col abhinav navneet, who is the spokesman for coward indian army’ Northern Command.

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The Kashmir Media Service also reported the shocking revelation that the coward Village Defense Committees (VDCs) have killed many innocent Muslims on the direction of the coward indian army, which the coward indian army termed as ‘Practice’. All the innocent Muslims belong to the indian occupied Jammu & Kashmir region.

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