More Humiliations For Filthy indian Forces As Nuclear Capable Agni-III Test Fails In Maiden Night Trial:

The coward and filthy indian security forces embraces more humiliations as night test launch of Nuclear Capable agni-III failed in maiden test flight. The agni-III missile test ended in a humiliating failure after it crashed into the sea soon after its launch near odisha.
The filthy indian scientists are saying that the missile starts performing abnormal things right from the starts and it also deviates from its proposes flight path. Suddenly, the missile starts shaking in the sky and ultimately it fell in the sea near odisha. The failed night test launch of agni-III missile is a major blow to all the filthy forces.

“Starting from the launch to the first phase separation, everything was smooth in accordance with the mission plan but suddenly it started behaving abnormally“, the filthy indian scientists gave this face saving statement.

The filthy indian forces created too much hype for the proposed failed agni-III missile and all the hype of filthy indian forces ended in utter embarrassment, shame, humility and disappointment.
It is worth to mention that PAKISTAN ARMY has conducted the successful night test launch of Surface to Surface Ghaznavi Ballistic Missile. The Ghaznavi Ballistic Missile can take both Nuclear and Conventional Warheads and it can strike the designated target up to the distance of 290 kilometers in total. The Night Launch of Ghaznavi Ballistic Missile hits the designated target with pinpoint accuracy.
PAKISTAN ARMY has conducted the successful night launch of Ghaznavi Ballistic Missile after india carried out the failed test test launch of agni-II missile test. The agni-II missile also failed miserable and flopped within minutes of its launch.
The failed test of 1.5 ton agni-III has a total range up to 3,000 Kilometers and it is powered by a two-stage solid propellant engine. The failure of agni-III missile will help to further demoralize the filthy and coward indian security forces, who are already afraid from the military might of Great PAKISTAN.
 The filthy indian forces wanted to respond the Great PAKISTAN with the filthy agni-III test, but the failure of the missile test adds more humility to filthy and coward indian security forces.

Top Defense Analysts are suggesting that the filthy india has named itself the world’s most humiliated country due to the incompetence and cowardness of its filthy security forces and this trend is expected to grow up in the coming days.


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