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PAKISTAN Suspends Samjhauta Express with india:

In a bid to further scold the india, PAKISTAN has announced to suspend the bi-weekly Samjhauta Express Train service that runs between PAKISTAN and india. The latest announcement came from PAKISTAN’s Federal Minister for Railways.

PAKISTAN Suspends Samjhauta Express with filthy india

The Federal Minister of Railways of PAKISTAN has announced the recent move that PAKISTAN has indefinitely suspends the bi-weekly Samjhauta Express that was previously running between PAKISTAN’s Lahore and attari in india.

The Federal Minister for Railways denounced the illegal and inhumane act of india by revoking the special status of indian Occupied Jammu and Kashmir (iOJ&K). The minister further said india this recent move is a part of well-thought conspiracy against great PAKISTAN.

The minister further said that all the nefarious designs of india will further endanger the stability and security of the region. He further warned that an upcoming war between PAKISTAN and india is not a myth anymore and india’s recent move could trigger the war between the two countries.

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It is important to mention that the Samjhauta Express is the one and only train-link between the PAKISTAN and india.

The Samjhauta Express was initially launched on July 22, 1976. The train runs on a daily basis when starts, but its schedule was changed bi-weekly back in the year of 1994. In its 40+ years of history, the Samjhauta Express was suspended multiple times by the both countries over different issues.

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