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PAKISTAN And CHINA Shorten The Production Line Of JF-17 Thunder Jet To 15 Days:

PAKISTAN AND CHINA have shortened the delivery timeline for the production of each single JF-17 Multirole Combat Aircraft to just 15 days.


A recent report published by the CHINESE state-owned Aviation Industry Corporation of China (AVIC) stated that “As of June 30, the production line of the JF-17 has on average shortened the production period of a single aircraft by 15 days compared to last year.”

CHINESE state-owned Aviation Industry Corporation of China (AVIC) added that the delivery timeline of single JF-17 Thunder Aircraft is now limited to barely two weeks in the first half of 2020, which is an amazing achievement of both the Iron Brother countries.

JF-17 Thunder, jointly built by CHINA and PAKISTAN, is the Premier Fighter Aircraft and acts as the backbone of PAKISTAN AIR FORCE.

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Both countries have successfully rolled out Block I and Block II of the aircraft and the most advanced version of JF-17 Thunder, Block III is near its completion.

The most advanced version of JF-17 Thunder Aircraft till date, JF-17 Block III made its maiden flight back December 2019 at CAC Chengdu, CHINA.

Having said that the Chief Designer of CHINA-PAKISTAN joint JF-17 Thunder Fighter Aircraft, Mr. Yang Wei said that the production of the JF-17 Block III is underway and the mass production of the Aircraft would be started in coming months.

Chief Designer of CHINA-PAKISTAN joint JF-17 Thunder Fighter Jet, Mr. Yang Wei
Chief Designer of CHINA-PAKISTAN joint JF-17 Thunder Fighter Jet, Mr. Yang Wei

According to the CHINESE state media report, the JF-17 Thunder has incorporated a number of features from CHINA’s Fifth Generation Long Range Stealth Fighter Jet.

These upgradations include the state of the art KLJ-7A AESA Radar, integrated cockpit display, large holographic wide-angle head-up display (HUD), Infrared Search and Track (IRST), enhanced electronic warfare suite and advanced missile approach warning system.

The advanced KLJ-7A AESA Radar has given the formidable ability to JF-17 Thunder Block 3 aircraft to simultaneously track and engage 30 different targets.

With all these upgradations, the JF-17 Thunder Block III would be a major contender with the latest US F-16V, Jas 39 Gripen and other 4.5++ Generation capable aircraft.

The Block III variant of JF-17 Thunder would also be equipped with the cutting-edge and second to none information-based warfare capability.

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PAF has selected enhanced and improved RD-93MA Engine from UEC-Klimov and its thermal chamber test has begun last week at UEC-Klimov in Russia.

 As far as the weaponry and armament options of the JF-17 Thunder Block 3 is concerned, the jet would be equipped and armed with advanced missiles, munitions and armaments.

PL-15 Missile
PL-15 Very Long Range Air To Air Missile (VLRAAM) For JF-17 Thunder Aircraft

Reportedly, JF-17 Thunder Block 3 would also be capable to fire CHINA’s most feared long range air to air missile (LRAAM), named as PL-15.

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The potency of this missile is formidable, second to none and even the US Air Force is afraid of the true potential of this missile.

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