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PAKISTAN Bans Bollywood Movies, Formulating Policy to Ban All indian Content in PAKISTAN: (opens in a new tab)

A move that would further hurt the and butt hurt indians, PAKISTAN announces to ban all the indian movies in the country. Now no movie would be screened in PAKISTAN by any cinema or channel. The recent announcement was made by the Special Assistant to Prime Minister on Thursday 8th August.

PAKISTAN Bans bollywood movies
PAKISTAN Bans bollywood movies

Furthermore, PAKISTAN is devising a policy to ban all types of indian cultural content in the country. Now no indian movie will be screened in PAKISTAN by any cable operator or cinema owner.

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The recent decision came after the second crucial meeting of the PAKISTAN National Security Council which took place on Wednesday 7th August 2019.

Chief of Army Staff General Qamar Ahmed Bajwa participated in the meeting along with the DG ISI, DG ISPR and senior military and civil leadership.

Earlier, the participants of the meeting decide to downgrade the diplomatic ties between the two countries and all the participants also agreed to halt the trade between the two countries.

The indian on Thursday begs PAKISTAN to reconsider its decision to downgrade the diplomatic ties and suspension of trade, but PAKISTAN has rejected the indian request. Since yesterday, PAKISTAN has downgraded the diplomatic ties, suspends trade, bans Samjhota Express and Bans indian movies in the country.

According to the reliable sources, PAKISTAN is going to take more steps in coming days which would further hurt and humiliate the india.

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