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Another indian air force SU30MKI Crashed in Assam – Both Pilots Burt Alive:

It seems as the last days of india is now breathing its very last days as they are earning utter humiliation with the passage of each day. In a recent incident of indian humiliation, a indian force SU30MKI fighter jet crashed near assam that results in the painful dog’s death of both the pilots at the spot.

Filthy indian SU30MKI Crashed

The indian SU30MKI Fighter Jet crashed in the agricultural field in Northeast indian state of Assam. The fighter jet crashed in the city of Tezpur, which is about 75 Kilometers distance from Bhutan and 130 Kilometers distance from the Chinese border.

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The indian air force released the statement as usual as the indian jet was on a routine training mission and a court of inquiry has been ordered to ascertain the ‘real’ reason behind the crash.

How many times you have read and heard this indian bullshit crap? The reason is that all the coward indian forces fear from the PAKISTAN ARMY, PAKISTAN NAVY and PAKISTAN AIR FORCE and they simply don’t want to die a dog’s death by facing the lions of PAKISTAN ARMED FORCES.

According to the reliable sources, the aircraft caught fire in the air and starts descending to ground and it results in a huge ball of fire when it hits to the ground, resulting in the painful death of two indian dogs at the spot.

Relatives of both the pilots starts crying like child and they blamed the indian air force and indian government for the incident. This is the fact that the all the indian forces don’t have balls to face the power of MIGHTY PAKISTAN ARMY, so they are now starting shitting in their pants.

It is an undeniable fact that the coward indian forces are the real and scumbag of the earth and they will retain this humiliation title till their painful end, which is very near now.

The fact is that PAKISTAN is and will remain the real father of india and the india cannot change this reality a bit!

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