ISI Have Busted the Plan of Filthy raw and nds To Carry Out Massive Terror Attack On Kartarpur Corridor:

It is a saying that filthy indian government and filthy indian security force and indian agencies is and will remain the real scumbag and filth of this earth and that’s for sure. In a recent development, PAKISTANI Prime Intelligence Agency Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) have busted the plan of filthy raw and nds to carry out massive terror attack on Kartarpur Corridor.

PAKISTAN Khalistan Flag Together

The Shocking revelations revealed that the filthy modi’s government was directly involved with the filthy afghan intelligence agency nds to carry out a massive Terror attack on Kartarpur corridor in order to blame PAKISTAN by raising the issues of Minority at International level.

Kartarpur Corridor PAKISTAN

It was learnt that the filthy and notorious intelligence agency raw and filthy afghan intelligence agency nds were jointly planning to launch a massive scale terror attack on Sikhs pilgrimage along the route of Kartarpur Corridor in order to pressurize PAKISTAN by raising the issues of rights for Minorities in the country.

The terror plan for filthy raw and filthy nds was busted and foiled by the PAKISTAN’s Premier, Potent and most Feared Intelligence Agency Inter-Services Intelligence or ISI. After getting the tip-off about the possible attach, the Inter-Services Intelligence have timely passed the crucial information to the concerned Security Department and Concerned Authorities.

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As a result, all the concerned authorities responsible for the Security of Sikh Pilgrimage and Kartarpur Corridor have immediately beefed up the security after the revelation and save the Holy Site of Sikh Community from a devastating raw and nds-sponsored terror attack.

The filthy bjp-led indian government wanted to accomplish Three objectives by sponsoring the terror attack on Kartarpur Corridor as follows:

  1. To deprive and Barred the Sikh Community to visit their Holy site in Nankana Saheb
  2. To create Strong Anti-PAKISTAN Sentiments in Sikh Community
  3. To Blame PAKISTAN about raising the issue of Minority rights at International Forums

The historic initiative of opening the Kartarpur Corridor for the Sikh Community was taken by the PAKISTAN ARMY CHIEF General Qamar Ahmed Bajwa to facilitate the Sikh Community to visit their Holy Site in Nankana Saheb. PAKISTANI PM formally inaugurated the Kartarpur Corridor in the month of November, 2019, which facilitate the Sikh Community from all over the world to freely visit the Holiest Shrine of Sikh situated in Nankana Saheb to pay their religious duties.

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Kartarpur Corridor Nankana Saheb

It is pertinent to mention that the filthy and swine bjp-led indian government had previously warned back in November 2019 about the specific security threats posed by the terrorists on Sikh Pilgrimage in the Kartarpur Corridor.

On the other hand, PAKISTAN has strongly rejected the statement as baseless and “malicious propaganda campaign in India that cannot be condemned enough”.

Right from the first day, the filthy indian government was not happy about the facilities being provided by the PAKISTAN to the visiting Sikh Community and wanted to stop the Sikh Community from visiting their Holiest Site in the World.

Now the eyes of Sikh Community must open their eyes and they must realize that it is PAKISTAN and its Brave Intelligence and Security Agencies who are working both days and nights to keep them safe and it is the filthy indian government and their filthy intelligence agencies, which wanted to deprive the Sikh Community from all over the world to pay a visit to their Holy Shrine in Nankana Saheb by using all the illegal means.

Operation Blue Star Golden Temple
Golden Temple

It is now time for the Sikh Community to realize which country is doing favor for them and which is against them and it is probably the best time for Sikh Community to take part in the much awaited Sikh Referendum 2020 to take and demands the secession of indian Punjab as the independent Khalistan Country free from the filthy of filthy indian government, security forces and intelligence agencies.

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Probably this is the only and ideal way for the Brave Sikh Community to take revenge from the filthy indian government, filthy indian security forces and filthy indian intelligence agencies for the inhumane and barbaric acts they committed against innocent and civilized Sikh Community during the infamous ‘Operation Blue Star’, which was launched by the filthy indian government and filthy indian security forces, which ruthlessly killed thousands of innocent Sikh Women, Sikh Children, and Sikh Men in the Golden Temple.

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