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Swine mahmood khan achakzai Attends indian republic day Ceremony in Islamabad:

Swine mahmood khan achakzai, who is also known as an indian pet dog, has attend the indian republic day ceremony held in private hotel in the Capital of PAKISTAN, Islamabad on 26th January, 2020.

The swine mahmood khan achakzai who is also the chairman of a political party, every time tries his best in licking the feet of indians.

The so called indian republic day ceremony was not attended by any PAKISTANI on the National Level. The brave KASHMIRI Brethren on both sides of the Line of Control have observed the indian republic day as the black day.

filthy mahmood achakzai main pic

In this context, the senior All Parties Hurriyet Conference (APMC) and Chairman of Tehreek-e-Hurriyat Jammu & Kashmir Mohammad Ashraf has asked the people of indian occupied Jammu & Kashmir (iOJ&K) to boycott the indian republic day and observe it as a black day.

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The swine mahmood khan achakzai knowingly attended the indian republic day ceremony to show his loyalties to the indian dogs.

It is important to mention that the israeli pm visited indian back in 2018 and the swine mehmood khan achakzai went to delhi to meet the israeli prime minister there.

filthy mahmood achakzai meets israeli pm

It is not a secret anymore that the indians are behind all the terrorist activities in different areas of PAKISTAN for the past nearly 20 years and yet the swine mahmood khan achakzai clearly refused to accept the involvement of indian intelligence agencies behind all the subversion and terrorist activities in PAKISTAN.

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mahmood achakzai filthy pic 3

The loyalties of swine mahmood khan achakzai is with india israel against the State of PAKISTAN. The rabid dogs like mahmood khan achakzai are known best to change their loyalties for just a piece of bone.

The Nang-E-Deen, Nang-E-Watan, Nang-E-Millat dogs like mahmood khan achakzai will continue to rot in hell and yet they cannot dare to inflict any kind of damage to Great PAKISTAN, because PAKISTAN IS HERE TO HERE AND NO POWER IN THE WORLD CAN UNDO PAKISTAN.

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