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PAKISTAN JF-17 Thunder Jet Undergoes First Deep Overhaul In CHINA:

The JF-17 Thunder Aircraft which PAKISTAN AIR FORCE sent to its All-Weather Ally CHINA for a DEEP OVERHAUL was returned to the native country in March this year. The complete process of deep overhauling was carried out by the Sub-company of Aviation Industry Corporation of CHINA (AVIC) known as the Changsha 5712 Aircraft Industry Company.

JF-17 Paris Air Show
JF-17 Thunder Jet

The JF-17 Thunder Aircraft, which sent to CHINA by PAKISTAN, was basically from the first batch of JF-17 Thunder Aircraft has undergone reassembling.

The first deep overhaul provides the much needed experience for trial and error phase and this experience would act as a standard for the other deep overhauling of JF-17 Thunder in the future.

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It is important to note that JF-17 Thunder Block-I is basically a multi-role, multi-mission and seat fighter aircraft jointly developed by PAKISTAN and CHINA. The Aircraft made its first ever maiden flight back in the year of 2003 and the first batch of the JF-17 Thunder Block-I aircrafts were delivered to PAKISTAN back in 2007.

It is important to note that this is the first time ever that the Aviation Industry Corporation of CHINA (AVIC) has completely deep overhauled the third-fourth Generation Fighter Aircraft mean for export. All the future Deep Overhauls of the Aircrafts would be carried out in PAKISTAN by PAKISTANI Scientists and Engineers.

The aircrafts were in use for nearly a decade and the time has come for them to undergo a complete deep overhaul. PAKISTAN has signed the contract for the first overhaul of the aircrafts back in 2016 and the deep overhaul operation of first ever Aircraft of JF-17 Thunder was began in Nov, 2017. The JF-17 Thunder Aircraft which was overhauled made its first test flight back in Oct, 2018.

It is important to mention that that well-learned and qualified team of Aviation Industry Corporation of CHINA has used a dedicated “reliability oriented maintenance model” by keeping the maintenance cycle and period as short and as low as possible.

PAKISTAN AIR FORCE has sent dozens of its technicians to CHINA to monitor and learn the overhaul process and it is a good news for PAKISTAN that the future deep overhauling of the Aircrafts would be done in PAKISTAN by its own Engineers, Scientists and Technicians.

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