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CHINA Starts Delivery of First Batch Of Modernized VT4 Third Generation Main Battle Tanks to PAKISTAN:

PAKISTAN’s All Weather Ally and Strategic Ally, CHINA has started the delivery of Modernized VT4 3rd Generation Main Battle Tanks (MBTs) to PAKISTAN. According to the details released by the Defence Blog.

CHINA Started Delivery of VT4 MBT To PAKISTAN
CHINA Started Delivery of VT4 MBT To PAKISTAN

It is worth mentioning that CHINESE Tank factory Inner Magnolia First Machinery Group Ltd., a subsidiary of state-owned Norinco, has held the ceremony back in Mid-April, 2020, to celebrate the shipment of the first batch of VT4 Main Battle Tanks to a potential foreign customer.

NORINCO Celebrates VT4 MBT Delivery To PAKISTAN
NORINCO Celebrates VT4 MBT Delivery To PAKISTAN

Reportedly, CHINESE Media has announced the foreign customer of these modernized Tanks as PAKISTAN.

The VT4 Tanks manufactured for PAKISTAN equipped with the Explosive Reactive Armor (ERA), an armor used to protect the armored vehicles against the Kinetic Energy Ammunition, High Explosive Anti-Tank (HEAT), long-rod penetrators and chemical warheads.

It is important to mention that CHINA has dispatched a VT4 Third Generation MBT to PAKISTAN back in 2018 for testing. PAKISTAN ARMY also test another Tank as the Ukrainian Oplot-M Main Battle Tank.

After a series of rigorous and vigorous testing, PAKISTAN ARMORED CORPS has decided to opt for the CHINESE VT4 Third Generation Main Battle Tank to meet the growing requirements of modernized Main Battle Tanks of its Arsenal.

A leading military analyst Muzammil Hatami, said during the 10th Edition of IDEAS exhibition in Karachi said, β€œVT4 has confirmed for the future PAKISTAN tank and Al-khalid II main battle tank is in developing phase.”


According to the unverified reports, PAKISTAN ARMY ARMORED CORPS has ordered a total 1000 numbers of VT4 Main Battle Tanks from its All-weather Ally, CHINA, to fulfill the deficiency of MBT tanks in its arsenal.

It is worth mentioning that CHINESE VT4 is Third Generation Main Battle Tank (MBT) designed and manufactured by the CHINESE State-owned Defense Giant, Norinco. The VT4 Tank is improved form of the PAKISTAN ARMY’s Al-Khalid Main Battle Tanks, which is also known as the MBT-2000.

VT4 Third Generation Main Battle Tank (MBT)
VT4 Third Generation Main Battle Tank (MBT)
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The VT4 Third Generation Main Battle Tank (MBT) has inherited some of the features from the Al-Khalid Main Battle Tank, including the carousel auto-loader, crew configuration and 125 mm main artillery guns.

The China North Industries Group Corporation (NORINCO) has also exported dozens of Military Vehicles to Muslim Country Nigeria, including the VT4 Main Battle Tanks, (MBTs), ST1 Tank, SH5 105 Wheeled self-propelled howitzers.

Specifications of the VT4 Third Generation Main Battle Tank (MBT):

  1. Type and Role: Main Battle Tank
  2. Generation: Third Generation
  3. Manufacturer: NORINCO
  4. Total Speed of VT4 Main Battle Tank: 70 Km/Hour
  5. Range of VT4 MBT: 500 Kilometers
  6. Power Source: 1,200 hp Diesel Engine
  7. Weight of VT4 MBT: 52,000 KG (114640 lbs)
  8. Main Armament: 125mm Smoothbore Gun
  9. Coaxial Gun: 7.62 Coaxial Machine Gun
  10. Top-Mounted Machine Gun: 12.7mm Machine Gun
  11. Dimensions: 10.10 x 3.5 x 2.4 m (L x W x H)
  12. Armor Improvements: Explosive Reactive Armor (ERA)

Additional Accessories of VT4 Main Battle Tank (MBT):

  1. Explosion Suppression system
  2. GL5 Active Protection System
  3. IFF (Identification Friend or Foe)
  4. Fire Extinguisher System
  5. A collective Nuclear, Biological and Chemical (NBC) Protection System
  6. Air-conditioning System

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